Workers Compensation Lawyers | Workers Comp Attorney Fees

workers comp attorney fees

Workers Compensation Attorney Fees Those who suffer injuries at work have to make a lot of important decisions quickly to help ensure their rights to compensation are protected. Too often, those who should pursue benefits through workers’ compensation avoid doing so because they are afraid or misinformed about attorney fees. When it comes to workers’…

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Workers Compensation Lawyers | Healthcare Workers Comp Back Injuries

health care worker back injuries

Health Care Worker Back Injuries from Workers Compensation Lawyers Health care worker back injuries are among the most commonly suffered injuries among those who work in the health industry. Health care workers are put through numerous tasks that put severe strain on their backs every day. According to the CDC, over 18 million people are…

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Workers Compensation Lawyers | Common Healthcare Worker Injuries

most common healthcare worker injuries

Most Common Healthcare Worker Injuries our Workers Compensation Attorneys and Lawyers in Los Angeles Have Seen The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that health care is the most rapidly growing sector within the U.S. economy, and employs over 18 million workers. The health care work force in the U.S. is nearly…

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Workers Compensation Attorneys | Workers Comp Qs to Ask

Man asking a workers' comp attorney questions

10 Qs to Ask Your Workers Compensation Attorneys No matter how conscientious you are in following safety rules and using precaution on the job, an accident can still befall you. Faulty machinery, another worker’s negligence, or even just acts of God can cause an accident and leave you injured. Workers compensation is, essentially, a form of…

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Workers Compensation Lawyers and Attorneys in Los Angeles | DWP Workers Injured

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) workers comp claim

Workers Compensation Lawyers and Attorneys in Los Angeles on DWP Workers Critically Injured Two workers with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) suffered serious injuries in an electrical accident while working near a subterranean vault near Echo Park. According to a news report on, paramedics were called to the scene at…

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