The Best Reasons to Call a Worker’s Comp Lawyer

When an employee gets hurt while on the job, worker’s compensation insurance is supposed to be there to help. The coverage is in place to help provide you with compensation for your medical bills and expenses and lost wages. However, companies today will go a long way to try to avoid paying what you are rightfully owed. Businesses fear that their insurance rates will jump, costing them more money and damaging their bottom line. It can be complicated for an individual to try to work through worker’s compensation on their own, and there are plenty of good reasons for you to seek out the help of a worker’s comp lawyer to guide you through your case.

A Lawyer Knows the Laws

Put simply, an attorney is going to have a much better understanding of the worker’s compensation laws than the average person. You may have a generalized notion of what worker’s comp is and what it does, but that may not serve you well when you are involved in a case for yourself. Speaking with a lawyer that has worked on many cases just like yours and has a knowledge of the laws surrounding worker’s comp will give you a more significant edge when you are dealing with your employer and the system. The legal expertise will help you to get the compensation that is more in line with what you deserve.

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Understanding Your Injuries and Worker’s Comp

A quality worker’s comp lawyer will have a clear understanding of your injuries and how that can affect your compensation and benefits. While you may have every intention of returning to work someday, the reality of the situation may be that your injuries are severe enough where permanent disability is the correct option. Your lawyer can help explain the situation to you and file your claim accordingly. Your attorney will then represent you in your case, appearing before appeals boards, if necessary, if your claim is denied for any reason. Your lawyer will do everything possible to ensure that you get the benefits you will need for the rest of your life.

Call with Your Worker’s Comp Questions

It makes sense that you would have plenty of questions about worker’s compensation, and speaking to an experienced worker’s comp lawyer can help you understand things better, so you realize what you need to do. For the help and assistance you may need with your case in the Los Angeles area, turning to us at the ODG Law Group is the best answer for you. We are experts in worker’s comp claims and will be glad to meet with you, listen to your story, answer your questions, and provide you with guidance. You can call us today at (818) 975-3080 to speak with us on the phone and schedule a meeting with us. We will give you a free initial consultation so you can learn more about what your options are in your case and what our expertise can do to assist you.

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