What Causes Psychological Injuries in the Workplace?

man talking with psychologist, psychotherapy

Psychological injuries in the workplace continue to be a burgeoning concern for both employees and employers. The consequences of this kind of workplace injury can be high with lost time and efficacy as well as the risks of workers’ compensation claims. If you think you suffer from psychological injuries or mental problems due to your … Read More

Does California Workers’ Compensation Cover Psychiatric Injuries?

skilled Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyers

Psychological stress may result in psychiatric conditions, physical enervation, or both. California allows compensation for a wide array of disabilities stemming from work-related mental stress. A majority of psychiatric injury cases include costly court procedures, and high expenses for medical treatment, analysis, and compensation can be exceedingly high. The latest modifications in the law have … Read More

Will Workers’ Compensation Cover Psychiatric Work Injuries?

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Most workers who suffer from emotional and mental problems due to work can file workers’ compensation according to California law. The state acknowledges psychiatric injuries to be covered by workers’ compensation. However, insurance companies and employers generally nullify workers’ compensation claims for psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression. Psychiatric stress can develop a physical … Read More

What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation for Psychiatric Injuries

psychiatric injury Los Angeles lawyer

Mental damages are predictable outcomes of any personal injury accident and greatly affect the value of the case. But, it should be reviewed and documented before a victim can appropriately claim compensation. If you endure this kind of injury, seek help from a competent and skillful psychiatric injury Los Angeles lawyer. Most of us think … Read More

The Implications of Loss of Consciousness

loss of consciousness

Experiencing loss of consciousness due to an injury or accident that isn’t your fault is scary. There are many things to worry about if you’re ever knocked unconscious, especially at work. Understanding what your rights are and what you should do next is a good way to ensure that you recover and are compensated accordingly. … Read More

What Should You Do if You Witness Workplace Shootings in Glendale?

Workplace Shootings in Glendale

Sadly, we live in a world today where violence in the workplace is no longer as rare as it once was. It seems like every week when you pick up the newspaper, watch the news on television, or read the news online, that there is another story about workplace violence where people have been injured … Read More

Workplace Shootings in Glendale – Are Employers Liable?

Workplace Shootings in Glendale - Are Employers Liable?

Many of our clients at Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, Inc. fear for their life. After all, it is possible for them to be victims of workplace shootings in Glendale. Now, they wish to know whether their employers are liable. In 2009, a man shot his girlfriend at work before killing himself. The incident was considered … Read More

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