Understanding Work-Related Cumulative Trauma Disorders and If Workers’ Compensation Covers Them

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Top-rated workers’ compensation attorneys: Work injuries are usually experienced in workplace accidents such as slips and falls or using defective tools that went berserk. However, such injuries don’t only occur because of an accident, but also those that develop over time referred to as cumulative trauma disorder (CTD). If you’re a worker who suffers from … Read More

What Benefits Can You Get from California Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

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When workers suffer injuries related to their jobs, their first instinct is to file a workers’ compensation to cover any expenses they may incur for their medical treatment and other overheads.   Workers’ compensation is one of the oldest social insurance programs that’s generally based on a compromise between employees and employers. The law requires every … Read More

Are You Qualified for Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

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It’s unfortunate if you fell sick or sustain injuries while doing your job in Los Angeles. What makes it more burdensome are the bills that you need to pay for your medical treatment and the salaries you’ll have to miss while you’re recovering. Good thing there’s workers’ compensation that you can count on. But the … Read More

Understanding the Process of Workers’ Compensation in California

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Regardless of the safety measures that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends workplace injuries still occur, even if both employers and employees exercise precautionary steps. The National Safety Council (NSC) notes that a worker gets hurt in the workplace every seven seconds, corresponding to almost seven million workplace injuries each year.  Accidents still … Read More

Mistakes to Avoid When Filing for California Workers’ Compensation

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Employees hurt in the workplace in California usually have access to remuneration through workers’ compensation. State law enables most injured workers to get compensation for their medical expenses and a part of their lost wages, however, obtaining this compensation isn’t always easy. As an injured worker, there are certain steps that you need to follow when … Read More

The Significance of Worker’s Compensation for Both Employers and Workers in California

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In California, workers’ compensation insurance is generally mandatory for employers. Their business depends on workers to provide products and services to their clients. Deficiency in a solid and dedicated employee base, won’t make a successful business. If they don’t carry this type of business insurance for their employees, they won’t be able to afford to … Read More

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