10 Leading Causes of Workplace Accidents Resulting in Work-Related Injuries or Illnesses

Accidents happen anywhere and anytime at workplaces, leaving workers with injuries or illnesses that developed over time. It can be extremely unfortunate for both employers and employees. Severe but curable workplace injuries currently account for almost $50 billion in US workers’ compensation costs. 

Despite safety measures that the company implements, accidents in the workplace still occur because of negligence, either by your employer, your colleague, you, or a third party. Whoever caused your injury or illness, workers’ compensation is the answer to your problem to cover your medical bills and replace lost wages.

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Why Do Accidents Always Happen in the Workplace?

No matter how careful you are when you’re doing your job, accidents can still happen if negligence still lurks around, finding its next victim. When it does prevail, injuries follow, leaving the worker crippled, physically, emotionally, and financially. 

If the doctors intentionally misdiagnose your injury to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve, our well-versed workers’ compensation lawyers have got your back. Additionally, when the insurance company denies your claim, we’ll fight for your right. We’re just a phone call away, so don’t hesitate to keep in touch.

The leading causes of workplace injuries are as follows:

Overexertion or Overworking

This is the leading cause of injuries in the workplace, involving pushing, lifting, carrying, pulling, throwing objects, or holding several times over and over again. Several employees can suffer from sprain, strain, or torn muscles. In 2019, these injuries alone cost companies a whopping $12.63 billion or 21.76% of the total national burden based on the 2022 Workplace Index. 

Struck by Object or Equipment

Workers can get struck by falling objects or a piece of equipment which can usually happen in the warehousing or construction industry. Those who suffered injuries from flying pieces of anything such as boxes or a piece of equipment or tools accounted for $5.66 billion in workers’ compensation costs or a total of 9.76%. 

Slips and Trips

A slip and trip usually happen when there’s insufficient traction between the workers’ shoes and the walking surface. It can also happen if there’s an uneven surface or a sudden change in the steps or flooring. These types of incidents cost businesses a staggering $2.52 billion or a total injury burden of 4.34%. Poor lighting also contributes to slips and trip accidents which are often overlooked when trying to prevent accidents in the workplace.   

Hazardous Materials

Using the proper protective gear pays off when handling hazardous materials such as chemicals, industrial wastes, and hospital stuff, including syringes and needles. Ignoring safety practices can lead to injury or the development of an unwanted illness.

Knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Attorneys: Caught In or Crushed By Equipment or Objects

This accident is common in the warehousing industry where workers are often crushed by equipment. They may also be caught in between equipment or machines while operating them. Unfortunate ones are likely to have an amputation or crushed bones.  

Workplace Violence

Unfortunately, violence among co-workers is becoming common brought about by office politics or other knotty problems. Some of them compete for a higher position or bully their workmates causing an accident to get rid of a particular colleague.

Falls from Various Heights

Falling from heights is also a common scenario in most workplaces, especially in the construction or warehouse industry. Tree cutters are also susceptible to falling from cutting trees just like window cleaners of high-rise buildings. Likewise, falling from a ladder or stairs can cause serious injuries. 

Work-Induced Stress

Work that’s too demanding can cause stress on the worker because of the pressure put on them, especially when they need to reach their quotas. They need to make haste which can lead to accidents hurting themselves or even other workers. 

Those who are working in the logistics or warehouses are most susceptible. For example, you’re operating a forklift, and because of too much stress, you had a heart attack. The equipment went out of control and crashes on everything that was on its way including people.  

Repetitive Movements

When you’re doing the same routine over and over again without rest, not only you’re likely to develop an injury over time, but you’re also likely to hurt yourself when an accident occurs. For instance, you’re using a jackhammer when the pain struck your hand. You lost control of the tool and hit your co-worker or even yourself.

Colliding Against an Object or Equipment

Because most workers need to work harder and faster, their actions are becoming inaccurate resulting in accidents. You can collide with another person or an object, slip, trip, or fall when you’re in a rush. 

How Can Workers’ Compensation Help the Injured Employees?

Workers’ compensation insurance helps protect employees as well as businesses. It provides hurt and injured employees with the following coverage:

  • Medical treatment including medications, prescriptions, surgeries, and more
  • Replacement for lost wages which is about two-thirds of your salary while on temporary disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits including funeral expenses and financial support given to dependents 

It’s a criminal offense in California if employers don’t provide workers’ compensation for their employees. They can face a punishment of a year in prison and a penalty of not lower than $10,000, or both. On the other hand, illegally uninsured employers may pay a fine of up to $100,000.

If you think that your employer didn’t carry insurance for you, speak with our expert workers’ compensation attorney at ODG Law to know what to do. 

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Our experienced and skilled workers’ compensation lawyers can help you file your claim and even represent you in court if things come to worse. We’re always ready to protect your rights and defend you from the insurance company. 

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