Healthcare Common Injuries that requires an Attorney’s help

filling up a work injury claim form

Workers Compensation Attorneys: Common healthcare worker injuries in CA Nurses, hospital staff and other health care workers have an important job to do. They provide crucial services to patients no matter where they are. Healthcare workers may be working at private or public hospitals, medical clinics or they may even be serving patients at their … Read More

LA Workers Comp Insurance Trouble | Reliable Workers Comp Attorneys

LA Workers Comp Insurance Trouble

Indeed, litigants often come before a court in California and elsewhere seemingly mismatched in the extreme by comparative differences in the power and resources they command. A plaintiff, for example, might be a single person with limited means who is squaring off against an international business possessed of nearly incalculable wealth and clout. Conversely, state … Read More

Cheerleaders and Contractors Workers Comp | LA Workers Compensation

Cheerleaders and Contractors Workers Comp

Workers Compensation Lawyers on Pro Cheerleaders and Contractors Although state and federal labor laws addressing the distinction between regular employees and independent contractors can be a bit abstruse, what courts often look to as being of prime importance is an employer’s degree of control over a worker. Is it indirect? Is a worker’s job deemed … Read More

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