Workers Comp Doc Choice | What Are The Legal Protections You Deserve?

Workers Compensation Lawyers: Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Workers’ Comp Claim

When you work with Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, Inc., you will have a team working on your behalf. As your attorneys, we are just one part (albeit an important one) of that team. But equally important is the medical treatment and advice you receive from your doctor.

Our lawyers are on your side and will make sure you are in the right hands throughout the entire process. For a free consultation to discuss finding a doctor, call us in Glendale at 818-230-2428.

Surrounding You With The Medical And Legal Protections You Deserve

Perhaps you have a family doctor you know and trust, or maybe you have not been to the doctor in years and have no idea where to turn. Regardless of the circumstances, we will help secure the treatment and medical counsel necessary to recover as quickly and effectively as possible. With a network of trusted health care professionals and other specialists, we can provide referrals to get you in touch with the appropriate people.

Your doctor will provide more than just immediate treatment options for your injuries or illnesses, he or she will help shape the course of your workers’ compensation claim by providing short- and long-term treatment plans, recommendations and reports regarding your condition. The professional opinions that he or she offers will ultimately help value your claim.

Let Us Help You Choose The Right Doctor

As experienced attorneys dedicated to helping injured workers, we have a network of medical professionals and other experts we rely on to help our clients. Whether you need treatment right away or you are waiting to seek treatment, our workers compensation attorney Los Angeles can help you get the treatment you need.

Call us at 818-230-2428 and schedule a free initial meeting at our Glendale law office. You can also reach us by completing and submitting an online contact form.

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