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Role of Workers Compensation Lawyers and Attorneys in Los Angeles

Some jobs are safe, with others being comparatively dangerous, right?

Put another way: Although just about the last thing on the mind of a person who engages in mainstream white-collar endeavors at the workplace each day pertains to work-related injury risks, such is not the case with, say, a construction or forestry worker.

Or a person working in California’s maritime industry or the state’s rich agricultural regions. Or, perhaps, in a foundry, doing mining work underground, or toiling at heights as an electrician or window washer.

Undeniably, there is truth attached to the supposition that some on-the-job activities are more perilous than others — but only to a degree.

The fact is that workers in every industry and doing all kinds of jobs suffer workplace injuries, especially in California, with its huge work force and highly varied work opportunities.

Many people understandably think about something like a scaffold collapse at a construction site when the subject of workplace accidents/injuries and workers’ compensation comes up. It is also exceedingly common, though, for employees working in banks, accounting firms, retail stores, insurance companies and many other environments routinely perceived as being safe to suffer on-the-job injuries.

And many millions of workers can readily attest to that, having suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome, strained backs and necks, broken bones resulting from slips and falls on icy or uneven surfaces and myriad other job risks.

At the family-run Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group in Glendale, our attorneys advocate diligently on behalf of injured workers in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California. We apply a client-empathetic and research-based approach aimed at securing them maximum compensation and relevant medical care for the injuries and ailments they suffered, and we are passionately and unstintingly focused upon promoting their best interests at all junctures of a claim.

We invite your close scrutiny of our firm and the work we resolutely perform on behalf of California workers’ rights. Please visit us online at our Protecting Injured Workers page.

We appreciate your visit and the opportunity to respond to work-related questions and concerns that touch on any aspect of a workplace injury or claim.

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