Legal Advice for Orthopedic Injuries in Glendale

Orthopedic injuries in Glendale can occur for various reasons – the result of an accident at work or during a car collision – and those are just a couple examples. This kind of injury affects the muscles as well as the bones and they can also happen due to repetitive motions. If you’ve sustained an injury that you feel is not your fault, seeking legal advice is a great idea. Here’s what you need to know.

 Understanding Common Orthopedic Injuries

There are some common injuries that can often be blamed on work conditions or an accident. That includes rotator cuff injuries, which can weaken your shoulders and carpal tunnel syndrome, which can afflict people who use repetitive motions at work or otherwise.

Neck injuries, shoulder pain, back injuries, knee injuries, and sprains are other common orthopedic injuries in Glendale that you might be suffering from. Understanding your injury and its cause can help you determine if you need legal assistance.

Orthopedic Injuries in Glendale

 What You Need

When you suffer from an orthopedic injury through no fault of your own, there are some things you need. First, you need comprehensive medical treatment so that you can recover from your injury and move on with your life. You are also entitled to time off work, if needed, while you seek treatment and recover.

Most people who suffer an orthopedic injury will need to be able to take time off so make sure you understand how this works through your workplace. In cases of bad or serious accidents, you might also need a caregiver to help you with daily tasks while you get better.

 What You Need to Do

You can’t just get injured and hope for the best. There are some steps you need to take or have someone take on your behalf as you seek legal assistance and recovery.

If you’re injured at work, you need to file a worker’s compensation claim right away. This will help pay for medical expenses and lost wages as a result of the injury. If your claim happens to be denied, there is an appeal process you can go through.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or other event that wasn’t your fault, be sure you collect all paperwork, medical claims, and all else related to the injury so you can use it for compensation.

Why you Need a Lawyer for an Orthopedic Injury

Navigating the legalities of an injury that isn’t your fault or that is due to the carelessness of others is a tricky process that includes quite a few steps. For that reason alone, a lawyer is important for making sure it all gets done. At the same time, a lawyer can often get you more compensation that you’d get if you did it all on your own.

Most lawyers won’t collect any fees until you get your payout. The right lawyer protects your rights and ensures that you are treated fairly and according to the law from start to finish. Call the expert injury lawyers at Oktanyan Der-Grigorian for help with compensation claims for orthopedic injuries in Glendale.

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