A Worker’s Comp Attorney Will Deal with Your Employers

Getting hurt on the job can affect you in several ways. First, your injuries may keep you away from work, perhaps for weeks or months, or maybe even permanently. Secondly, you could feel the financial pinch that comes from not getting a regular paycheck combined with the mounting medical bills and expenses you have because of your injury. On top of all that, you likely feel tremendous stress and anxiety regarding the situation as you worry about what is going to happen next. You may even be afraid to try to reason with or deal with your employer, fearing that they may react poorly or hold it against you if you ask for money or file a claim. Instead of living in constant fear and worry, the right move to make is to reach out to a worker’s comp attorney that can deal with your employers for you.

An Attorney is Your Representative

Once you agree to hire a lawyer to handle your claim, that lawyer becomes your legal representative in the case. You no longer have to be afraid of speaking to your employer, insurance companies or their attorneys because your lawyer will now take on that responsibility. Where these entities may have thought they could just push you around and get you to submit to their wishes, they now must face a lawyer with skill and knowledge of worker’s comp laws. You have someone that understands your rights and what you are entitled to as compensation, and your lawyer will work hard to make sure you get it.

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Your Attorney Takes on the Challenge

A skilled worker’s comp attorney will relish in the challenge of taking on an employer that refuses to budge or tries to intimidate you. Your lawyer should be a person that does not care how big the company is or how many lawyers they have sitting around a table; instead, your attorney looks forward to the fight. We take great pride in every opportunity we have to stand up for our clients. With the correct approach, your attorney can make sure you get the maximum compensation that takes care of all your medical expenses now and in the future, along with your lost wages and the pain and suffering you have from the trauma of the case.

Choosing the Best Attorney for the Job

What it all comes down to for you is selecting the best worker’s comp attorney for the job, and here at the ODG Law Group we have just the support team you need. We are a team of experienced lawyers that you can turn to in times of need like this, and we will do all we can to protect you and your rights. Find out more about our experience and track record by reading the information on our website, and then phone our office at (818) 975-3080 so you can schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers and get help with your employer that you require.

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