Cover The Costs of Carpal Tunnel Injuries Treatment

carpal tunnel injuries

Carpal tunnel injuries have been a recognized work-related condition for many decades now, and yet people are still surprised that they are able to obtain compensation for their pain and suffering from their employers. Whatever the cause of your carpal tunnel injuries, from regular office work to working on a production line, you should be…

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Loss of Consciousness at Work: What You Need to Know

loss of consciousness

It all happens in a moment. One second, you’re doing your job, the same as you ever have. Then, the next, you’re out on the ground. When you suffer a loss of consciousness in the course of doing your job, you deserve to be compensated for it. That’s what we do. We make sure that…

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Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Injuries in Glendale

carpal tunnel injuries in glendale

Of all the injuries that our clients can suffer on the job, carpal tunnel injuries are the injuries that sneak up on people the most. They aren’t the most painful, nor are they the injuries that negatively affect someone’s life the most. But, they can be extremely difficult for working people. After all, these injuries…

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Traumatic Brain Injuries in Glendale Suffered on the Job

traumatic brain injuries in glendale

Any brain injury can be a devastating one. We’ve had many clients who suffered what’s called a “TBI,” which stands for “traumatic brain injuries” while at work. These injuries can be particularly difficult to deal with because the effects can be so pernicious. You may not realize at first just how bad the injury is….

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Slip and Fall Explained by Worker’s Comp Attorney in Los Angeles

workers comp attorney in los angeles

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common kinds of at-work accidents. Some studies say that these injuries account for up to 25% of all workplace accidents. These accidents can be some of the most devastating, particularly when they cause head trauma, or otherwise make it impossible to work. Here at the ODG…

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