Work with an Experienced and Compassionate Work Injury Attorney in California

work injury attorney in california

The California workers’ compensation system covers workplace injuries in the state. It’s a requirement for employers to pay for this arrangement which functions similarly to an insurance program.  A work injury attorney in California knows this and can help walk you through the process.  If you’re an injured employee while working, a worker’s compensation might…

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Carpal Tunnel Workplace Injuries: Is it Possible to File a Claim?

carpal tunnel workplace injuries

As an employee or a worker who often uses your hands while working is one of those often prone to carpal tunnel workplace injuries. If you developed or suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS, you can benefit from the workers’ compensation. The privileges you might have may include remuneration for lost earnings and temporary…

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Heart Attack on the Job: Am I Eligible for Work Compensation?

heart attack on the job

There are certain jobs that are too demanding and without much liberty to make decisions. This poses bigger risks of having a cardiac arrest than with people whose jobs are less exhausting. In case a loved one or yourself had suffered a heart attack on the job, you might be eligible to claim benefits. Our…

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