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Filing workers’ compensation involves complex processes necessary to undertake before you can get the compensation you deserve. Instead of proving your employer’s negligence in why you’re suffering from an illness or injury, you need to prove that you developed an illness or suffers an injury that was work-related. The ODG Law can help you with any issues regarding your workers’ compensation. Just dial (818) 975-3080 and schedule a free consultation with one of our expert Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys

Each workplace has distinctive hazards and possible dangers, making any employees susceptible to suffering work-related injuries or developing serious illnesses due to toxic chemical exposure. These harmful substances can lead to serious health risks and afflictions or disorders. When your health becomes at risk due to toxic chemical exposure, you have the right to file workers’ compensation. 

California law requires companies and employers to carry workers’ compensation for their employees. This type of insurance will provide financial assistance to injured workers to acquire proper medical care and services. Obviously, before you get the benefits, there are certain procedures that you must follow, which are generally complicated.

Kinds of Toxic Chemicals Usually Found and Used in the Workplace

Workplaces use mild to strong chemicals that can cause serious health conditions to workers, especially when they are repeatedly exposed. This is usually common in factories, construction sites, manufacturing, and more.  

The most dangerous toxic substances used in workplaces include asbestos, mercury, pesticides,  solvents, benzene,  and more. Benzene, for example, is commonly used in oil, and gasoline, including by manufacturers of plastics. Silica, on the other hand, is equally hazardous when you inhale the dust, that usually drilling and mining sites.

These dangerous chemicals and toxins may result in severe injuries or disorders for any workers who might get contact with it. 

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Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorneys: Probable Injuries from  Exposure to Toxic and Chemical Substances 

Because of the dangerous nature of a few chemicals, they result in serious injuries or conditions. Brace yourself because there are many probable situations in which you may face chemical and toxic substances exposure. You may get into contact with them through skin contact, toxic fume inhalation, or accidental ingestion of chemicals.

Once you have contact with dangerous chemicals, it may lead to particular types of injuries. It may include rashes, burns, and more. If you think you contracted an injury or developed an illness, seek medical attention as soon as possible. You might suffer from rashes, burns, throat or lung injuries depending on the substance and how you made contact with it.  

Will Workers’ Compensation Cover a Work-Related Toxic Exposure Injury or Illness? 

The answer is an absolute YES. As an injured worker, you’re eligible to receive compensation under California law. Your employer must have this insurance for their workers so that in case they suffer from injuries, they have something to use to pay for their medical bills and lost wages from the absence of work. 

This will ensure the worker’s health across the state and provide assistance to workers should any misfortune in the workplace occur unexpectedly. To get the compensation you deserve, you must prove that the injury happened at the workplace while you were doing your job. 

Moreover, if your workplace has proper procedures and precautions in place when handling or working with dangerous chemicals, you can still receive specific benefits including:

  • Medical coverage
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent Disability benefits. 
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits (SJDB)

Embodied within the workers’ compensation, the benefits you’ll receive will depend on the severity or extent of your injury or condition. It will also look into what needed treatment it will cover. This can encompass coverage for expenses related to your medical care and doctor visits. In case you endure a grave injury or condition requiring you to miss work, you may receive temporary or permanent disability benefits according to the exigence of the case.

In addition to these benefits, you may likewise get monthly payments that will provide for a percentage of any lost wages due to condition or injury. When you recover but are unable to return to your previous work allows you to receive supplemental job displacement benefits. This is financial support for any needed training or learning new skills for finding a new job. Working with our experience  Angeles workers’ compensation attorneys ensure that you’ll receive maximized compensation.

What to Do if Exposed to Dangerous Chemicals or Toxins?

If you were exposed to dangerous chemicals or toxins, there are certain steps that you must do. Initially, you need to seek medical attention. The attending doctor will notify you if you developed a physical condition because of the existence of toxic chemicals or substances in the workplace.

Be sure to inform your employer about the toxic chemical exposure and complete a workers’ compensation claim that you need to submit to your employer. You will receive feedback regarding the approval or denial of your claim. Moreover, you’ll receive appropriate medical attention for your injury or condition.

When the insurance company denies your claim, it’s best to consult ODG Law. Our well-versed Los Angeles workers’ compensation will look into your case and find out the reason or reasons for your claim’s denial. You have the right to compensation, especially when you’re hurt or injured.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Filing Workers’ Compensation?

As an injured worker or employee, you must report your injury or condition to your company or employer within 30 days of the toxic chemical exposure or from the day you learned about your condition. Filing your claim beyond the specified period loses your right to compensation. That’s why working with ODG Laws professional Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyers ensures that you will file earlier, which is better.

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