orthopedic injuries

Why We Are Seeing More Clients With Orthopedic Injuries?

Most people living in California rely upon their ability to work in order to feed and house themselves and their families. Without employment, you would not know how to start covering bills or managing your expenses. If you work in a simple office job, sitting at a desk and using a keyboard, you might think…

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cumulative trauma injuries

There’s more to Cumulative Trauma Injuries than Just Time

When we discuss “cumulative trauma injuries” in these blogs, it’s often with the explanation that “performing these actions over long periods of time can cause these injuries.” That’s certainly true, but it’s not the only way that these injuries occur. However, there are other factors that could cause you to suffer these injuries on the…

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injuries due to repetitive job duties

You Need Compensation For Injuries Due To Repetitive Job Duties

A shockingly high number of people suffer injuries due to repetitive job duties every year in the United States. Caused by making the same movement again and again without respite, many workers in America failed to have the injury properly assessed, and also don’t report cumulative trauma injuries. It is estimated that the accounts of…

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cumulative trauma injuries in Glendale

Seek Compensation For Cumulative Trauma Injuries in Glendale

One of the most innocuous, yet damaging, hazards in the workplace is the threat of cumulative injuries. Unlike accidents, or negligence within your company, cumulative injuries build up slowly over time, and you may not even realize that you are beginning to suffer from the effects until you are in pain. In order to overcome…

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