Why We Are Seeing More Clients With Orthopedic Injuries?

Most people living in California rely upon their ability to work in order to feed and house themselves and their families. Without employment, you would not know how to start covering bills or managing your expenses. If you work in a simple office job, sitting at a desk and using a keyboard, you might think that you are completely safe, and that there is no risk in your occupation. However, like many office workers across the USA, you are at risk of developing orthopedic injuries that can leave you unable to work or to perform the role that is part of your job. Once you are in this situation, you may need to get help with medical bills and the loss of wages.

orthopedic injuries

Orthopedic And Repetitive Strain Injury

By far the most common type of orthopedic injury is caused by cumulative damage, caused by performing the same action again and again. Unlike traditional worker injuries which can happen in a second, the majority of modern work injuries are gradual, and build up over time. The cumulative impact of this injury results in severe pain and loss of mobility, and workers often require a variety of medical treatments to overcome this issue. Fortunately, compensation for workers in California will cover this type of injury, and your employer will be required by statute to provide you with suitable compensation. In order to make this claim, you will need to be able to establish that your injuries are caused by cumulative strain.

Other Orthopedic Injuries

There are also other types of orthopedic injuries which can occur as part of your job. They may be simple breaks, such as a broken toe or finger caused by heavy goods landing on the affected part, sprains and other injuries caused by slips in dangerous working conditions, or other types of torn limbs can also be caused by your working environment.

Increased Frequency Of Injury

There are several reasons why we are seeing a rise in the number of claims for this type of injury. Firstly, as office workers become a standard part of modern life, so cumulative injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome can occur more frequently. There are also greater chances of being injured in the same way by repetitive movements in factories, because work roles are often divided up into basic movements. Digit breaks may be occurring more often because there is pressure from ‘just in time’ models of operation, so workers may be more hurried than in previous generations.

Making A Claim For Compensation

Regardless of the reasons for your injury, if you need to make a claim then you will have to ensure that you have an experienced legal team available to help you. ODG Law Firm is one of the best in ensuring that you can receive the money you deserve for work-related orthopedic injuries. To start working with us today, make a claim using our online form, or call us at (818) 973-3080 now.

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