Workers Compensation Lawyers and Attorneys | Asbestos Lawsuit

Workers Compensation Lawyers: Do You Have a Case if You Were Exposed to Asbestos at Work? What to do if you exposed to asbestos at work ? Asbestos is a known carcinogen (cancer-causing substance) and exposure to this material, which is prohibited in newer construction, can cause significant health effects including a rare cancer known…

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Workers Compensation Attorneys | Workers Comp Injuries Money Lost

Workers Compensation Attorneys Ask: What Are the National Costs of Workplace Accidents and Illnesses? Workplace accidents and illnesses are so commonplace that we hardly stop to think more about what they might be costing our nation. According to data from various federal agencies, the yearly cost to American businesses in terms of lost time due…

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Workers Compensation Attorneys | Workplace Accident Increase Rise

Workplace Accident Increase Rise

Workers Compensation Attorneys: Workplace Accident Deaths Are On the Rise Deaths as a result of accidents in the workplace are on the rise. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics‘ (BLS) Census of 2016 Fatal Occupational Injuries. The report shows that there were 5,190 workplace deaths reported in the United States in the…

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Workers Compensation Attorneys | Workers Comp Pain and Suffering Pay

Workers Comp Pain and Suffering Pay

Workers Compensation Attorneys: Can I Get Compensation for Pain and Suffering at Work? Injuries that are suffered on the job can be not only physical painful, but also emotionally traumatizing. A workplace injury can leave a worker unable to work for extended periods of time. He or she may need extensive medical treatment, care and…

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Workers Compensation Lawyers and Attorneys in Los Angeles | Death Benefits

Death Benefits

Workers Compensation Attorneys and Lawyers in Los Angeles on Death Benefits On average, at least one worker is killed on the job every day in California. The fatality rate is highest in the agriculture industry, with 17.1 deaths per 100,000 workers. The fatality rate is also high in the construction industry, with 6.8 deaths per…

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