Compensation Payments After Loss Of Consciousness In Glendale Workers

Losing consciousness at work may come as a total surprise to you. You are busy at work, and suddenly your brain just shuts down. You may come around very quickly, or you may find yourself in an ambulance and hospital with absolutely no memory of what has happened. At the hospital, doctors may explain to you that you have suffered a loss of consciousness, and you may need further expensive medical tests. You may also have hurt yourself during the fall, which makes things even worse. If you believe that your work is responsible for your loss of consciousness in Glendale lawyers may help you to recover some compensation and help set your mind at ease.

loss of consciousness in Glendale

Can I Claim From My Company?

It may come as a surprise to you that some types of consciousness loss may be caused by hazards in the workplace, or as a direct result of your job. If you have been thinking that it is going to be impossible to claim compensation for a blackout from your boss, then you may yet be surprised. In fact, you may be eligible for a number of different options that will allow you to claim workers’ compensation for your illness. You can find out how we can help you to make a claim, and whether you have a realistic chance of making some compensation claims against your employer when you talk to ODG Law Firm today.

Work-Related Injury And Compensation

In order for the compensation claim you make to be successful you must make sure that your work out some role in your loss of consciousness. You may not be eligible for a claim if you happen to lose consciousness at work, either due to health causes or as a result of your own carelessness. However, if you do happen to lose consciousness due to work stress, perhaps chemical contamination, or other situations that are a direct result of your employment, then we can certainly help you to make a claim against your workplace. This claim will involve analyzing your medical evidence, establishing that your workplace had a different role in the blackout, and then negotiating with your company to establish a settlement. If we can prove that your position within the company directly resulted in your loss of consciousness trip to the hospital, then you may expect businesses to compensate you for your medical expenses and loss of earnings.

Finding A Suitable Lawyer

Considering the problems involved in proving that you have suffered a blackout due to something at work, it is essential that you find a legal team specializing in workers compensation and personal injury lawsuits. When you come to ODG Law Group, you will know that you are working with an experienced team who can help you negotiate the difficult issues surrounding a claim for loss of consciousness in Glendale workplace. To find out more about how we can assist you, contact us today by calling (818) 975-3080, or by sending us an online message now.


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