Money For Work-Related Orthopedic Injuries In Glendale

Whatever type of job you do, you are still being exposed to the risk of orthopedic injuries in your Glendale workplace. When you have to be on your feet for most of the working day, then you could suffer from back pain and ankle or knee problems. If you spend most of the day lifting or carrying a great deal, then shoulder injuries and upper back pain can be a risk. Even a mundane office job, where you are typing for several hours a day, can cause you to suffer injuries to the hands, wrists, and arms. While you may consider your own problems to be minor, and believe that there is nothing that anybody can do to help you, seeking medical assistance for orthopedic injuries is essential.

orthopedic injuries in your Glendale

The Causes Of Orthopedic Injuries

The most common cause of orthopedic injuries is a repetitive movement. This can cause problems in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of your body, and may even extend to the bones themselves as you perform this repetitive, destructive motion. Patients may appear with a variety of different complaints, ranging from pain in a single place that needs immediate treatment, or they may be suffering from chronic multiple injuries which require the assistance of a specialist orthopedic surgeon. In these cases, it is vitally important that workers seek full compensation for their pain and suffering so that they can get the treatment that they deserve. At ODG Law Group, our specialist teams can work with you to assess your needs, and calculate what type of compensation benefits you will be eligible for.

Making A Claim Through Us

When you need to make a workers’ compensation claim, it is important that you have a specialist team of attorneys and lawyers to hand. Only with the use of expert assistance can you get the help you need, and you can ensure that you get the best results to get the treatment you need. In our experience, many employers will use attorneys that delay the process, trying to make you wait for as long as possible. We are here to get the process started as early as we can to ensure that you don’t have to wait for surgery or other treatments. You need medical attention as soon as possible, and we offer you full assistance in making your claim.

Are You Eligible For Compensation?

The question that most workers ask us whether they will be able to make a workers’ compensation claim. Because of the nature of repetitive strain orthopedic injuries, Glendale residents worry that they will not be eligible and that they might find themselves out of a job if they pursue their claim. We understand your fears and will do our best to deal with your employers to make sure that they are prepared to give you the best treatment, so you can get the help you need as soon as possible. To find out how we can help you, send us an online message, or call us at (818) 975-3080 today.

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