How Workers Can Claim For Spine Injuries in Los Angeles With Us

The majority of residents in the US will suffer from some form of back problem in the course of their lives. For most people, this will be a minor recurrence due to muscle strain or advancing age. It will most likely go away on its own for these people. However, for some unlucky workers, they will experience back pain caused by spine injuries in Los Angeles. Where the spine itself has been damaged, the sufferer may end up with a long-lasting or permanent disability. They may be forced to stay in the hospital for many weeks at a time, have to have more than one surgery to correct the problem, and could still end up needing a wheelchair or mobility support for the rest of their lives. The severe injuries can be debilitating and need lots of time before they start to heal.

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Common Causes Of Spinal Injuries

There are several reasons why Los Angeles residents might be suffering from problems with the spine. One of the most common causes is a vehicle accident, particularly in the form of whiplash or damage to the spinal cord. This can occur as part of your employment, for example when you are driving to or from work, or when your job means that you spend lots of time in your car. If you have been injured during the working day, then you may find that you are eligible for compensation benefits that will allow you to recover in your own time, providing you with temporary disability payments while you are healing.

Falls And Work-Related Injuries

While vehicle accidents are extremely common, a growing number of people are finding that they are suffering from back problems as a result of their work duties. Repetitive strain injury can affect the back and may make it harder for you to move during the course of the day. Damage to the spinal cord, and to the tissue surrounding the spine, may mean that you suffer from pain associated with repetitive actions, or with issues such as lifting and carrying heavy objects. If you have suffered spinal damage as a result of your employment, then you may decide to make a workers’ compensation claim, seeking a payment from your employer to cover the medical expenses and time off work that you require while you are waiting for your spine to heal.

Find An Experienced Legal Team

If you are intending to make a compensation claim relating to your spine injuries in Los Angeles, then you need an experienced personal injury law firm who can help you to navigate the legal process. ODG Law Firm has many years’ experience in this field and has successfully campaigned for compensation in a number of cases. We are prepared to work hard so that you receive the compensation that you deserve, and will assist you through each stage of the process, making sure that you are able to receive the full benefits that your injury requires. To start the process today, contact us online or call us at (818) 975-3080 now.

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