Workplace Compensation For Cumulative Trauma Injuries In Glendale

As more and more people make IT and office work their lifelong career, so there is a growing number of workers suffering from repetitive strain injury, which involves conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and similar back pain. Office work has been a very common occupation for several decades now, and it is becoming clear that repetitive work over a lifetime can cause crippling pain, including problems with the back, shoulders, neck and arms. Whether you are working at a top-level IT firm, or are simply piloting your desk in a standard office, you may find yourself suffering from injuries. If you are suffering from cumulative trauma injuries in Glendale, residents who discover that they need treatment for RSI and similar conditions may wish to seek compensation from their employers.

cumulative trauma injuries in glendale

Why You Are Suffering From Repetitive Strain Injuries

The most common reason for you to be suffering from RSI and other cumulative injuries is due to a repetitive action that you are performing in the course of your work. These injuries may be caused by a variety of different movements, from the traditional factory worker performing the same movement on the production line to modern day IT workers suffering from pain due to their use of a mouse. Every action that you take can cause minor injuries to the body, particularly in the soft tissues, and if you do this action again and again without taking frequent breaks, you may find that this minor damage becomes a full-on tear. The repetitive injury can gradually damage ligaments, tendons and muscles in the body, and eventually may affect even the bones, simply due to wear and tear on the body.

Compensation Claims For Repetitive Injuries

It is much more difficult to obtain compensation for a repetitive strain injury than it is to seek worker’s compensation after a trip or fall. This is because the accident is a single incident that is easy to observe and describe. Repetitive strain injuries happen over many months or years, and there is no real point where the injured part is fine one day and seriously hurt the next, which is why it is described as a cumulative injury. It builds up over time, which can make it hard to identify, and this makes it more difficult for you to write down the nature of your injuries in order to create a a suitable claim.

Getting Help From The Experts

Because the injury is so difficult to describe, it is often necessary for workers seeking compensation for this type of injury to seek professional help. If you are looking for expert attorneys who specialize in accident and cumulative trauma injuries in Glendale, then you need to speak to ODG Law Group. We can help you to assemble your notes to make it clear when the injury began, and the causes of the cumulative buildup. We can assist you in filing your claim and obtaining compensation for your employers, so reach out to us online today, or call us at (818) 975-3080 now.

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