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The California workers’ compensation system covers workplace injuries in the state. It’s a requirement for employers to pay for this arrangement which functions similarly to an insurance program.  A work injury attorney in California knows this and can help walk you through the process. 

If you’re an injured employee while working, a worker’s compensation might provide benefits you needed most. These include but not limited to medical treatment and payment for lost salary. A skilled work injury lawyer can analyze your case to identify if your claim is valid.   

California Work-Related Injury 

If you’re an injured worker in California, you can file a claim for sustained injuries. This payment usually emanates from 2 factors – arising out of employment and course of employment. 

The “arising out of” employment pertains to your suffrage of an injury that arose out of your employment to get benefits. It means that you need to prove that employment activities actually caused your injury.  

A work injury attorney can particularize this requirement when it comes to reasons and risk evaluation. She would ask the employee if his job exposes him to risks or harm which can cause an injury. 

Moreover, as a worker who suffered idiopathic injuries will surely exert an effort to suffice this requirement. This type of injury arises unsuspectingly and might include aneurysms, strokes, and even heart attacks. A work attorney injury can help you prove this.

The “in the course of” employment, on the other hand, means you sustained the injury during your employment.  You must prove that the injury happened while working at a place relevant to work activities. This also applies when accomplishing tasks on behalf or for the employer’s benefit. 

Types of Work-Related Injuries

There are 2 types of work-related injuries a work injury attorney handles namely, Specific Injury and Cumulative Trauma Injury.

A specific injury arises because of a particular circumstance emanating from a slip and fall or due to an accident. That is to say, that the injury happened in a definite period. A work injury attorney in California can help you better understand what to do after sustaining this injury.

Cumulative trauma injury, on the other hand, is the result of redundant work activities. One example is a construction worker who repeatedly uses equipment that vibrates. Another one is a stevedore or a laborer who developed backache due to lifting, pulling, and pushing. Usually, the date of the injury begins from the start to the end of the period during the worker’s exposure to Herculean jobs.  

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Worker’s Rights Embodied in California Law

The California Employment Law provides its workers with different benefits they can truly enjoy. They can benefit from the laws in terms of wages, discrimination, harassment. Moreover, employees with work-related injuries as well as diseases can benefit from California Workers’ Compensation.

The law requires employers in the state need to have workers’ compensation insurance regardless of the number of their employees. The worker’s compensation can cover payment for medical treatment. It also provides remuneration for lost earnings if you can’t work right away or has restricted movement. A work injury attorney can analyze your case and confirm if your claim is valid. At the same time, she can ensure that your legal dispute is properly filed and on time. 

Most Common Injuries that Occur in the Workplace 

Employers usually expect too much from their workers to perform their best at work. In return, employees expect that their employees will keep the working environment safe for them. Unfortunately, safety at work and returning home safely doesn’t happen all the time. The most common injuries that occur in the workplace include overexertion, car accidents, and slip and fall.

Overexertion oftentimes results in lifting, pushing, or pushing. It can also arise from working too much and pushes oneself to the point of exhaustion. Too much hard work can injure the knees, elbows, wrists, hands, and shoulders. It results in the wearing and tearing of muscles as well as joint dislocations. 

Slip and fall injuries not only pertain to falling from a ladder. It also covers slipping on a wet floor or tripping over an object in the workplace. This accident often results in fractured or dislocated bones, traumatic head injuries, concussions, and cuts or bruises.

Vehicular accidents top the major cause of workplace injuries. This usually occurs during delivery service. However, it can also happen with employees who travel back and forth from meetings or conventions. It’s rare that this accident causes only minor injuries. Vehicular accidents usually cause serious head injuries, fractures, spinal injuries, or worse – death.

A Work Injury Attorney Who’s Always Ready to Help

Don’t be hesitant to consult a work injury attorney in California if you suffered injuries while at work. You don’t have to pay anything because the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group provides a free evaluation of your case. We work on a contingency basis to ease your financial worries.

Our work injury attorneys will listen and acknowledge your problem. We commit to helping you win your case and get the right compensation. You can reach us at (818) 975-3080 or visit our website.

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