Practice Areas of Workers Compensation Attorneys and Lawyers in Los Angeles

Different Legal Practice Areas and What We Cover

Healthcare Injuries

When we think about work-related injuries, most of us may not regard the health care industry as being the type of work that is highly susceptible to hazards and injuries.

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Vehicle Accidents

In Southern California, where there is a dominant car culture, you need a vehicle not only to get to and from work, but also to do your job. You may need your car to get to and from meetings.

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Toxic Exposure

Many workers are completely unaware of chemicals that create potential hazards in their work environment making them more vulnerable to toxic exposure and serious…

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Slip and Fall

Falls are the leading cause of workplace injuries. Some injuries result from falling from a height. A fall from a ladder, a roof, or a building that is under construction can..

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Orthopedic Work Injuries

Orthopedic injuries or injuries that affect the muscles and bones may happen in any workplace. They may occur as the result of a traumatic incident such as a car accident or a fall..

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Psychiatric Work Injuries

Workers’ compensation benefits cover more than just the victim’s physical injuries. Any misconception that the law only protects employees suffering from work-related injuries that are physical..

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