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Head injuries are one of the most serious accidents that can happen in the workplace, and they can sometimes be hard to diagnose immediately after trauma. You only have to look at the NFL, where some former players are suffering from long-term effects of injuries that occurred decades ago, to realize that even a minor blow to the head can have an enduring impact on your life. If you are suffering the side-effects of a head trauma in Glendale, then you will need to start seeking compensation from your employer as soon as possible. Start your complaint today, and you could receive enough money to allow you to recover and receive therapy for as long as is necessary.

Compensation After Concussion

Even the most minor of head impacts can leave you experiencing symptoms of concussion. These symptoms can include disorientation and pain, a lack of focus or the loss of feeling in fingers or toes. Initially, you may have dismissed these symptoms as something that is minor, and that you can recover from quickly. However, concussions can be much more serious, and may even result in long-term problems that leave you unable to manage day-to-day activities, or suffering from behavioral changes. Known as post-concussion syndrome, you may also experience changes including regular headaches, sensitivity to light, memory loss and confusion. These symptoms can prevent you from returning to work, and may also affect your everyday life, leading to you requiring medical help to recover from your brain injury in the form of therapy and medication.

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Feeling The Effects Of A Head Injury?

The effects of brain injury may last a long time, and if this has occurred in the workplace then you may need workers’ compensation to pay for the medical treatment you need. You may suffer from the effects of head trauma for more than a year, and the more significant the blow, the more likely it is that you will never fully recover. Cognitive and physical abilities may be affected by your head injury, and you may no longer be able to work at your job. Your employer may decide that you are permanently disabled, and be giving you a small payment every month. However, you may require medical intervention in order to be able to live a normal life, and you should seek this compensation from your employer.

Workplace Compensation And Head Injury

If you received your head injury during work, then you may be able to seek some compensation for your current head trauma. Glendale residents may be able to seek help from ODG Law Group, specialists in workers’ compensation cases. We will be able to provide you with our knowledge, and can seek compensation from your employers that will allow you to receive physical and head trauma therapy which will allow you to recover. If you want assistance with your compensation claim, then you can speak to us today about your needs, either by contacting us online, or by calling (818) 975-3080 now.

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