Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Workers Who Incurred Injury While Lifting

Our body cannot carry out the various lifting and moving duties. Most of the time, these tasks are mandatory in a labor-driven working area. When there’s too much exertion, this can strain your crucial body parts. When you acquired an injury while lifting, you may need to consult a personal injury lawyer.     

Personal Injury Lawyer: How Lifting Injuries Happen  

It’s a common factor in the workplace to lift or lower down items, especially cartons or crates. Injury while lifting results in affected body tissues and skeletal mass.   An injury related to work might cause a few lost days from work. This could also result in prolonged disability.    

When at work, you have to conform to your employer’s expectations to earn a living. However, if there’s an occurrence of injury while lifting, the presence of the personal injury attorney might be necessary.    

The kinds of lifting activities that caused an injury while lifting is difficult to avoid. Oftentimes, this is an obligatory responsibility for most jobs. It necessitates constant or occasional physical labor.    

Lifting injuries happen due to overexertion. For example, you pick up or lift an item or move and transport it to another place. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics includes “lowering” an item as possible injury cause.       

Lifting endangerment can differ according to the industry. There are instances that injury while lifting happens due to simple lifting. Other results from a mixture of lumbering body positions. This includes lifting and picking up objects away from the body. Moreover, it involves repetitive bending, twisting actions, and holding things in place when installing.    

personal injury lawyer helps workers who incurred injury while lifting

Possible Injuries Due to Lifting Heavy Objects  

Are you familiar with the advice to never lift your back? If you’re a construction worker, you’re obliged to lift heavy objects. This may include sacks of cement or a large number of hollow blocks. Lifting with your back can result in several consequences. It can range from short-term pain to long-term injury.  

Lifting with your back changes the alignment of your spine. A misaligned back slips out of place and attacks the nerves. Additionally, it can even start touching your spinal cord. This condition generally needs formal treatment for correction. Moreover, the recovery time usually takes about 3 months or more for an injury while lifting. 

An injury also occurs due to wrong positions when lifting heavy objects. This could tear or overexert your lower back muscles. Ruptured muscles make it difficult to move because of the excruciating pain. Depending on the severity of the tear, it usually takes many weeks to heal. 

Joint damage is another possible major injury while lifting. The inappropriate form can overwork and inflame joints. This could also worsen pain and damage to tissues, bones, and ligaments. Based on the seriousness, it can result in agonizing pain. Moreover, it could lead to the incapability of the damaged joint. If this is the case, you need to seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer. 

Leading Causes of Injuries in the Workplace

Lifting heavy items is one of the major causes of injury while lifting in the workplace. This is based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Over a third of all work-related injuries harm the shoulder. This could also damage the back that frequently results in injury while lifting. 

According to OSHA, lifting heavy objects results in both painful and overexertion injuries. These include:

Elbow Injuries 

The elbow joint consists of cartilage, bone, fluid, and ligaments. Tendons and muscles help in the movement of the elbow joint. Once any of these structures are damaged or diseased, that’s when the elbow problems occur. 

Elbow injuries can be slight or severe. It includes symptoms such as pain and swelling. An affected person will also feel numbness, stinging, vulnerability, or reduced limit of motion.

Back Sprains

The back is a complicated structure of muscle and bone. The cartilage, ligaments, and tendons support it. The lower back carries much of the body’s weight during walking, running, and lifting.

Back sprain is the tearing or pulling of a ligament. It often occurs following a sudden twist or fall. Likewise, the back may have an injury while lifting. These conditions distend one or more ligaments. This leads to injury when the ligaments are used beyond their limits.

Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries usually happen when you fall forward with your hand spread-out. This can result in strains, sprains, and sometimes fractures. Any activity associated with repetitive and vigorous work can cause wrist injuries.

An injury while lifting causes wrist pain. Moreover, sprains or fractures contribute to the excruciating pain of the sufferer. Wrist pain can lead to long-term problems when not addressed. These problems include carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and stress.  

Muscle Pulls

Muscle pulls or muscle strain refers to stretched torn muscle fibers. A muscle pull occurs when overstretched. A muscle is also strained when contracted too much. Strained muscles can be torn and can’t function properly. 

Personal Injury Lawyer to Help

If you have incurred an injury while lifting, you’ll need a personal injury lawyer to help. The ODG Law Group can provide the most comprehensive help in terms of personal injury cases. If you have an injury while lifting in the workplace, you deserve compensation

You can reach them at (818) 975-3080 or visit their website.

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