Origins of Loss of Consciousness – Why it Happens and What to Do

Passing out and losing consciousness can be an incredibly frightening experience for you. It is not something any of us ever expect to happen, and when it occurs, and we come out of the blackout that occurred, we naturally are worried about our health, what happened, and what may arise down the road. Events like this can be even scarier when they happen to you while you are on the job. Serious injuries can come as a result of passing out at work, and sometimes the cause of the event is something that is going on at the workplace. Understanding the potential origins of loss of consciousness and what you should do after this happens to you is crucial and can help provide you with protection.

Causes of Losing Consciousness

Passing out can be the result of health issues that you may be facing or are unaware of. Things like low blood sugar, low blood pressure, dehydration, or an irregular heart rhythm can all make you feel faint, pass out or lose consciousness. Diagnosing problems such as this is something that a physician will need to do, and there may be a battery of tests that you will need to undergo so that you can determine what triggered the event. Your doctor can then prescribe medication or make health suggestions to you so you can avoid this happening again. There may also be external factors involved in your passing out that exist in the workplace. Perhaps there are chemicals or fumes in your work area that are hazardous. You may also suffer a workplace injury that makes you faint or pass out.

origins of loss of consciousness

Handling Loss of Consciousness

The first thing you want to do if you experience a loss of consciousness is to seek medical attention. Discovering the cause of the problem and making sure you have not suffered any other injuries during your fall or faint is essential so you can see where you stand with your health. If it is determined that external factors were involved, your place of work may be responsible for taking care of your medical expenses, any lost wages you may experience, pain and suffering you must deal with and more. Taking the time to speak to an attorney can be valuable for you so you can gain insight into what kind of case you may have and what support you can receive from an attorney.

Helping You with Consciousness Cases

Here at the law firm of Oktanyan and Der-Gregorian, we are specialists in workplace injuries and worker’s compensation cases and can assist you if you have experienced a loss of consciousness while on the job. We dedicate our efforts to make sure you get the proper attention and care you need and the legal protection that is essential to you. Call our office at (818) 975-3080 so you can speak to our staff and receive a free case evaluation so you can find out just how we can assist you.

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