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In the aftermath of a work-related injury, you may need some time for all the dust to settle before you start putting in a claim for compensation. Even if it takes a long time to recover, those medical bills start arriving through the door, and you can’t avoid them forever. When you first decide to sit down and see whether you can make a claim with your employer, deciding whether to employ a workers’ compensation attorney or not may be the most important part of your decision. You want to make sure that your claim is valid, and will be accepted by the firm’s insurance company, and it can be a lot harder to go it alone. That is why ODG Law Group is here to help those seeking workers’ compensation.

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Can You Handle It Yourself?

The extent of your injuries can sometimes be a deciding factor in whether you make a claim by yourself. For example, if you have relatively minor injuries such as a sprain or a cut that required stitches, you may be able to make a claim. Alternatively, if you have not been off work, or have now resumed your role in the company, then you may find it easier to make a claim on your own behalf. In these situations, the path to compensation can be much easier, and this means that your claim is likely to be accepted even by a claims adjuster. However, not all minor injuries are easy to make a claim for, and you may still benefit from the advice of a compensation lawyer.

When You Really Need Help

For more serious cases, you will certainly benefit from using a workers’ compensation lawyer. For example, if you have been denied compensation, despite your injury or the settlement that you have been offered isn’t enough to cover all of your medical bills. There may be other circumstances, such as having a medical issue which is preventing you from returning to work. Insurance companies hate ongoing payments with no determined end, and so they will fight you every step of the way if you try to make these types of claims. Finally, if your boss decides to discriminate against you after your claim, including firing, demotion, loss of hours or pay, or other harassment-related to your compensation claim, then you need to hire a workers’ compensation attorney right away.

Hiring A Workers’ Compensation Team

If you feel that you cannot make your own claim, and want help with the process, then ODG Law Group are here to help you. When you ask us for assistance with your claim, then our workers’ compensation attorney team will start going through that claim, making sure that every part of it is right. We can help you to reach a settlement with your employer, or take it further if necessary, so that you get the money you are entitled to. Find out how we can help you today by sending a message through our online inquiry form, or call (818) 973-3080 now.

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