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Head injury can make the brain bounce around inside the skull and can result in loss of brain cells or secondary brain cells death. The abrupt movement can squeeze and pull the brain nerves and cells. But, it may also alter the chemical functions in the brain for a short period. When you or a loved one suffers a head injury, don’t take matters into your hands. Speak with a head injury Los Angeles lawyer to handle your case. 

Head Injury Los Angeles Lawyer

Why is a Head Injury Los Angeles Lawyer Significant in Your Case?

Filing a case is a complex process because you need to prepare many things, including necessary documents to support your claim. You need a well-versed head injury Los Angeles attorney to help you with the process and for several reasons. 

Mild Brain Injuries Can Alter a Victim’s Life 

The brain is the most important organ in our body. When damaged, its function becomes altered or affected. Even a mild brain injury can impact your life unfavorably. When you file a claim, the insurance company will deny it as much as possible. A credible head injury Los Angeles lawyer will deal with the claims adjusters on your behalf.

Brain damage can happen on a smaller scale and might not be evident to the eyes or scans. This condition, called microtrauma, is undistinguished in diagnostic tests. It can be difficult to determine the damage’s extent, leading to insurance company disputes. So, even a mild brain injury needs serious medical treatment, especially if the injured victim suffers:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Blurred vision and other optical irritations
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
  • Balance concerns
  • Light and sound sensitivity
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Focusing, attention, and memory issues
  • Changes in personality and mood swings
  • Fatigue or trouble with sleeping 

Need for Comprehensive Medical Awareness and Specialist’s Confirmation

One of the crucial requirements to secure compensation is your medical records. The doctor’s confirmation regarding the extent of your injuries is a powerful tool to convince any jury to award you with a justifiable amount.

Establishment of Damages is Challenging

Deciding the monetary value of your damages isn’t that easy. Essentially, you need to speak with a competent head injury Los Angeles lawyer to prove the losses and damages you incurred. You shouldn’t expect a specified or exact amount because what you’ll get depends on the severity of your injuries, and a lawyer will provide an approximate only. A few of the damages you may recover include:

  • Previous, current, and future medical expenses
  • Lost income and future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages

Insurance Companies Maneuvers Head Injury Victims With No Lawyer

Don’t think that the insurance company is your friend. They aren’t willing to shell out even a single cent to pay your medical expenses and other overheads. They will protect the company’s interest and not yours.

However, an aggressive head injury Los Angeles lawyer by your side will protect your rights. The insurance adjuster will no longer have to present you with a low-ball offer. Instead, they will give you the compensation you deserve, or the case will go to court. 

Why Do Head Injuries Occur?

Head injuries occur due to several factors caused by a sudden, forceful jolt to the head. The extent of damage depends on the injury’s nature and weight of impact. The most common reasons for head injury occurrence include:

Vehicle-Related Crashes

Vehicular accidents are one of the most common reasons why a head injury occurs. The victim’s head may knock against the window or any hard object inside the car. It also involves motorcycle riders, cyclists, and pedestrians hit by a vehicle.

Slip and Fall Accidents

The victim may suffer a skull fracture after a slip and fall when the head hits a hard surface, such as the floor. Also, a head injury occurs when the head bumps the wall, table, or any hard objects, which could bruise the brain and cause swelling. Using a defective ladder or coming down the stairs in a hurry can result in a bad fall.


The head injury also occurs because of violence and deliberate acts. It includes child abuse, domestic violence, gunshot wounds, and other assaults. The shaken baby syndrome also falls under this category in which infants can suffer serious head injuries due to vigorous shaking.

Contact Sports Injuries

Some sports can also contribute to causing head injuries, especially if there’s physical contact between players. These sports include wrestling, boxing, baseball, football, soccer, hockey, and other extreme sports. 

Explosions and Other Battle Injuries

Military personnel can develop head injuries in the field or even in military exercises. It isn’t clear how, but several researchers think that the pressure wave that passes through the brain has something to do with its function.

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