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A significant number of people in California suffer traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, every year. Some of the worst injuries that you can suffer, the damage to the brain can affect you for life. Accidents are an extremely common way for people to suffer brain injuries, for example the famous rower James Cracknell who suffered brain injury after a cycling accident in the United States. Sometimes, accidents at work can also cause brain injuries, including contrecoup, where the brain on the opposite side of the head to the impact is injured. To make a claim for medical costs after suffering this type of injury, you need to seek out a specialist legal team who are able to handle traumatic brain injuries in Glendale residents.

traumatic brain injuries in glendale

Types Of TBI

There are several different types of TBI, which vary both in immediate severity and in long-term prognosis. For example, minor concussions may build up over time into more serious brain injuries – Footballers in America are currently suing over this particular type of injury. Brain contusions and contrecoup injuries may vary in severity depending upon the area of impact and the damage caused. Penetrating injuries are some of the most difficult to cope with, as it can be an extremely disabling injury. In many cases, the type of compensation sought will depend upon not only the immediate effects of the injury, including being taken to hospital, but also for long-term suffering which might include cognitive or coordination problems. Anyone suffering from more than just moderate brain injury may need lifelong medical care.

The Value Of Your TBI Claim

If you know that your brain injury is more than moderate, and you are likely to suffer from some symptoms for the rest of your life, then you may be concerned about the value of any claim you make against the other party. Just as with any other type of injury, you will need to establish that the actions of the other party caused your injuries, or had the major share in the cause of your accident. The compensation team will also need to have you examined by a specialist, who will offer you a prognosis and treatment plan including medical costs. These documents will be submitted by your attorney, and have a big influence on exactly how much are you likely to receive. A care plan is also a good source of evidence for future long-term costs.

Do I Need An Attorney?

In many cases, people filing compensation claims do so without any help from a legal team, but in the case of traumatic brain injuries in Glendale, an attorney is probably your safest bet. With brain injuries come cognitive problems including memory and comprehension, and this can affect your ability to file a claim and argue your case at a hearing. ODG Law Group are here to help you pursue compensation for TBI claims, so if you want our assistance with your claims, just call us at (818) 973-3080 now.

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