Choosing The Rightful Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Near Me

Experiencing a traumatic accident resulting in a brain injury is such a difficult situation. Nobody ever wishes to be in a position where hope and light may never seem possible. The victims with traumatic brain injuries either survive yet reminded of the scars forever or suffer from fatal death. Indeed, there is no easy way out. The recovery may also be slow and depressing. Thus, choosing the rightful traumatic brain injury attorney near me is crucial. Being in a hopeless situation requires support and guidance that may help in overcoming the situation. One way is hiring the firm that can make what you think is impossible possible for you —Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, Inc. 

ODG Law Group aims to provide legal assistance and guidance towards struggling traumatic brain injury victims who wish nothing but receiving justice. Traumatic brain injury results from a sudden impact, jolt, or blow hit the head, resulting in brain swelling, bleeding, or possible brain damage. The severity of a victim’s traumatic brain injury depends on the imaging results and symptoms observed right after the incident. The life of a TBI victim may never be the same again after the incident; thus, the traumatic brain injury lawyer near me helps ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

4 Essential Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury

Knowing how traumatic brain injury affects one’s life is vital. In filing a TBI claim, part of the process is learning the different possibilities of this injury. To know more about traumatic brain injury, the traumatic brain injury lawyer near me presents these four essential facts: 

traumatic brain injury attorney near me

A concussion does not necessarily present unconsciousness as a symptom. 

According to severity, a concussion is an example of a mild traumatic brain injury which causes loss of consciousness. Only 10% of the victims experience this. Some victims suffer from a concussion, yet they are conscious and aware of what is happening. It is vital to note that you may still have minor damage in your brain even when you are awake. In most cases, mild TBI victims are required to provide extensive medical records to prove their injury. ODG Law Group has the necessary resources, such as a well-respected radiologist, to support the victims with mild TBI cases. 

Traumatic brain injury is widely known as a “silent epidemic.” 

Traumatic brain injuries are a lot more common than most people think. It is almost equal to “epidemic” proportions because of vehicular accidents, sports-related injuries, physical attacks, work-related accidents, trips, falls, and many more. These accidents happen in large volumes every day. In America, the estimated number of TBI cases every year is almost 1.7 million, and 75% of the cases are mild TBI cases, such as concussion. Thus, experienced ODG Law attorneys have already handled several successful TBI claims as it happens often. 

A fall is commonly the cause of traumatic brain injuries. 

The U.S. Center for Disease Control released data stating 47% of the brain injuries are caused by falls. It is usually noted to happen with the younger children and adults 65 years old and above. Contrary to what most people believe that major accidents only cause TBI, a TBI can be due to a simple accident at home or a sports game head knock. If you have recently been into an accident that directly hit your head, it is best to have yourself checked to keep things under control. Moreover, a traumatic brain injury attorney near me can help you along the way.  

Ninety percent of traumatic brain injury victims suffer from visual problems. 

The Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association states that 90% of the victims undergo forms of visual impairment, such as: 

Blurred vision

Light sensitivity

Frequent headaches

Difficulty reading or writing

Loss of peripheral vision

Eye movement problems

TBI victims suffering from visual problems right after the accident can cause too much change in a person’s life. The ability to work and work normally may be affected. Thus, a traumatic brain injury attorney of ODG Law Group will work the hardest to help you achieve the possible eye treatments and avoid further complications. 

ODG Law Group: The Firm That You Can Rely On

Being in the legal field since 2011, Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group Inc. handled victorious traumatic brain injury cases that helped their clients to move forward from their life’s most challenging phase. Since ODG Law Group understands how hard the situation is, they work their hardest to compensate for the damages due to the accident. Receiving compensation does not suffice the mental and emotional trauma, yet it can be one significant step for a better tomorrow. The best traumatic injury attorney near me commit to providing the deserved legal assistance with compassion to those who badly need it. There is no more wasting time as ODG Law Group is the firm you can rely on. Contact us at (818) 975-3080.

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