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If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, the effects can be quite daunting, especially after experiencing a severe accident. The possible next steps to take may be a big question mark, yet you know something needs to be done quickly to achieve the justice deserved. The best thing to do is ask for legal assistance, guidance, and support from the best traumatic brain injury lawyer near me. ODG Law Group is a committed law firm providing the best possible help for those who ask for their help. 

Traumatic brain injuries tend to be one of the most complicated cases, as it has to be supported with necessary documents to achieve a successful TBI claim further. Since most of the causes of traumatic injuries come from other people’s recklessness and negligence, the best traumatic brain injury attorney near me ensures that the responsible person shall be held accountable for the injury. Thus, ODG Law Group has TBI-related connections and resources as a preparation for the possible worst-case scenario. With the law firm’s experienced TBI lawyers, there is no need to think twice about how they can help you as they go even the extra mile to produce a strong TBI claim. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Overview

Having a comprehensive knowledge about traumatic brain injuries is vital. Since it is a vast topic, knowing the types, causes, and symptoms is enough to help you know if it happens. The best traumatic brain injury lawyer near me ensures that this orientation needs to be done with the client or the client’s family, so relevant questions can be answered, and concerns can be clarified. 

A traumatic brain injury can happen to anyone of any age, including kids. It occurs when there is a sudden jolt or blows directly to the head. It disrupts the brain’s normal functioning; thus, it is indeed a big deal when it happens. Traumatic brain injuries have two forms: open head injury and closed head injury. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Near Me: Forms of TBI

An open head injury happens when an object breaks the pierces through the skull, entering the brain and damaging it. On the other hand, a closed head injury happens from a massive force trauma to the head. When the head experiences this, the brain is slammed towards the skull, resulting in brain injury. Both open and closed head injury can lead to severe brain damage, affecting a person’s mental, physical, and emotional state.

traumatic brain injury lawyer near me

Causes of TBI

The common causes of traumatic brain injuries include common falls and vehicle-related accidents. However, the following are the cases that the best traumatic brain injury lawyer near me can handle, but not limited to: 

Car accidents

Truck accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Work-related accidents

Medical malpractice

Slips and falls

Types of TBI

The types of traumatic brain injuries can be classified based on their severity. 

Mild. A mild traumatic brain injury can only have a quick mental change and a loss of consciousness, not more than 30 minutes. Its common type is a concussion. Although this may be considered the mildest type, its effects on a person’s well-being can still be significant.

Moderate. A moderate traumatic brain injury commonly causes blackouts and loss of consciousness for minutes to a few hours. It is vital to monitor this type of TBI as it usually appears hours or even days after the accident. It can also cause severe symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, or disorientation. 

Severe. A severe traumatic brain injury results in loss of consciousness for a more extended period or, worst, amnesia or memory loss. Severe TBI symptoms include seizures, sensory problems, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, balance problems, among the few. 

It is important to note that traumatic brain injuries are not immediately observed after the accident. Therefore, it is necessary to keep yourself monitored for the possible onset of symptoms, as showing up to the hospital needs to be done as soon as possible. Traumatic brain injuries for every individual vary; thus, different treatment plans depend on the injury’s type and severity. Moreover, if a TBI is left unattended, it could result in brain damage and permanent disability. 

How Can The Best Traumatic Brain Injury Near Me Provide Legal Service?

Being in the legal service industry since 2011, the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, Inc. continuously provide a compassionate service to protect and promote the holistic well-being of their clients. Traumatic brain injuries can be a lot to handle; thus, with the best traumatic brain injury lawyer near me, being granted the TBI claim’s deserved compensation is the utmost priority. The pain and suffering and possible loss of employment due to the brain injury will not be put into waste, as ODG Law Group lawyers will fight for you for the justice deserved. Contact ODG Law Group at (818) 975-3080

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