Best TBI Attorney in LA: Why It Is Vital To File A Traumatic Brain Injury Claim

The most common question that victims’ families ask whenever their loved one sustained traumatic brain injuries is, “how do we move forward?” It is indeed a tough question to ask and even answer. Traumatic brain injuries can change a person’s life forever in many possible ways; thus, knowing someone suffering from this due to another person’s negligence is devastating and painful. However, like any other difficult situation, there is always light. The best TBI attorney in LA ensures to pave the way for light to families who feel hopeless. 

Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group has been actively handling traumatic brain injury cases since it opened its doors in 2011. They know how too complex these cases are, yet they ultimately learned how to prepare victims and the families in the most uncomfortable battle they could be in. They vow to seek the justice deserved by the victims, be physically, mentally, and emotionally present, and be an excellent support system to the victims and their respective families. ODG Law Group is not considered as the best Traumatic Brain Injury attorney in LA for no reason. This article will discuss how important it is to have a clear overview of traumatic brain injuries. 

Best TBI Attorney in LA: Relevant Facts You Need To Know

It is expected that not all of us are well-aware of traumatic brain injuries. Most of us believe in several misconceptions that cloud our judgment towards the truth. If you or your loved one has sustained traumatic brain injuries, it is always best to know how the injuries work and understand the process when it is already happening. The best TBI attorney in LA ensures that the victim and their family will be provided first-hand information on the legal action caused by another person’s negligence and injuries. 

best tbi attorney in la

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are several potential causes for traumatic brain injuries. There is no such thing as limits, as any incident can suddenly impact the skull and brain, resulting in TBI. However, among the thousands of reported TBI cases every single day, the following are found to be the most common: 

Vehicular Accidents. Vehicular accidents include cars, trucks, motorcycles, among the few. It could also include pedestrians and skateboarders. Every vehicular accident’s impact is intense as it involves loss of control, over speeding, or intoxication. 

Slips and Falls. This minor accident can happen anytime or anywhere. However, it usually occurs in the workplace or work sites where construction is on-going. Any simple slip or fall should not be left unattended, and medical professionals should check it to be sure.

Projectiles. This cause is similar to slips and falls, except it involves a particular object falling or flying through, resulting in sudden head impact. Accidents like this usually happen in the workplace or site.

Major Sporting Events. There is no question about how intense sports can be dangerous to players. These sports include basketball, boxing, football, hockey, and soccer. The impact, even the minor ones, can lead to traumatic brain injuries. 

Assaults. The assailant’s primary goal is to hurt the victim in one way or another physically. The possibility of traumatic brain injury is always high in these cases.

No matter how minor or major the incidents are, medical professionals should check the victim’s condition. It is vital to remember that victims can still be susceptible to traumatic brain injury even without physical trauma. Moreover, the loved ones should closely monitor the victims and note even the slight change of behavior. Observing small to significant changes can help medical experts provide medical care as deemed appropriate.

Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injuries

While other traumatic brain injury victims eventually recover, some spend the rest of their lives recovering from the said injuries. The long-term consequences include the following: 

Cognitive Problems. The problems include permanent or temporary memory loss, disorientation, inability to decide on things, decreased judgment. Although these signs are usually expected within the first few weeks of the accident, some victims experience this permanently.

Physical Complications. Physical complications include permanent or temporary paralysis, problems in balance or coordination, decreased endurance, or the occurrence of traumatic epilepsy. 

Sensory Problems. These include one or a variety of the following: loss of taste, sight, hearing, sensation, or smell. 

Communication Problems. TBI victims commonly experience difficulty speaking, reading, writing, planning, or even identifying certain people or objects. 

Behavioral and Psychological Issues. These two are some of the topmost difficult, lasting consequences that any victim or their families could experience. These include depression, anxiety attacks, mood swings, among others. 

The long-term consequences usually are mixed on the list above; thus, it is challenging for some victims to live normally like they used to. They can lose their jobs, hobbies, or activities they love doing. It is undoubtedly difficult for them to stay on track when it comes to the recovery process. Moreover, victims and families experience financial difficulties in medical expenses, possible rehabilitation services, or therapies. The lasting consequences and future worries make other victims choose to stay silent and not fight for their rights. Hence, it is a challenge even to make one single step in moving forward. 

How Can The Best TBI Attorney in LA Help You Move Forward? 

Choosing the right law firm to handle your traumatic brain injury case is essential. You should not just choose whoever is available. You have to know which law firm is the best in Los Angeles, and you will indeed have Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group as the top recommendation. The best TBI attorney in LA has been working the hardest with the medical experts to ensure that not a single aspect of your case is left behind. Every detail is vital; thus, having the right resources to back you up when the going gets tough can help you so much. You may probably think that compensation is not enough to recover everything you have lost. You are right. But, it is a great start, and ODG Law Group is here to make it happen. 

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