After Injuries You Need A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer In Los Angeles

You have suffered an injury at work which has required you to receive medical assistance, and are now suffering under the weight of medical bills and missed wages. You may have already tried to seek compensation from your employer, and found that you have been denied. Your surprise at the refusal of a perfectly legitimate claim, plus the worry over how you are going to get your bills paid, means that you are not in the right state of mind to resubmit your claim. Rather than missing out on your compensation, you could benefit from the use of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Los Angeles to help you through the process.

workers compensation lawyer in los angeles

Why You Might Succeed A Second Time

If you have been refused, you might be nervous about trying again. After all, if you have been refused once you could be rejected a second time. While this is true, with a legal team behind you, you stand a much greater chance of success. This is because your employer’s legal team and the insurance adjusters are not really concerned with the legitimacy of your claim. Instead, they only want to save money, and limit the costs associated with paying out workers’ compensation. In order to succeed against these groups, you need to have all of your documentation in order, and be working with your legal team to make sure that your resubmitted claim meets all of the required legal standards.

Arranging A Settlement

In order for you to successfully file a claim for workers’ compensation, you and your legal team must be able to meet certain requirements. For example, you will have to submit evidence of your injuries, including any limitations on what you might be able to do moving forward, and if there are any lasting problems such as permanent disability. The lawyers can submit evidence of medical costs, and future expenses resulting from the injuries.  Whether there are any lost benefits, including wages, fees resulting from late payments of your medical bills, and other costs associated with your injuries. Lastly, you should also submit evidence of your previous monthly wages, so that compensation can be awarded which matches your income prior to the injury. You may receive some ‘final offer’ paperwork from the insurance company, but your legal team will decide if they want you to hold out for more.

Finding A Good Legal Team

If you are looking for a suitable workers compensation lawyer in Los Angeles, then ODG Law Group may be the best for you. We have many years’ experience working with compensation claims for work-related injuries, and have successfully claimed on behalf of many of our clients. If you think that you need the assistance of a lawyer to succeed in establishing your claim, then you should talk to us today. You can contact us using our online message form, or you can talk to the team at (818) 973-3080 to find out how we can help you.

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