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Alma Figueroa

Location: Glendale, California

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Senior Case/Staff Manager

Not a Job, But a Calling

Alma has been with the ODG Law Group since 2015. She came to us with more than two decades of experience working as a legal assistant and case manager at workers’ compensation law firms. Her duties at these law firms included filing Declaration of Readiness Forms or DORs, which is a form used to request a hearing before a workers’ compensation judge to resolve a dispute; managing support staff; and training new employees. At ODG, Alma is a senior case manager and provides valuable training and guidance to staff members.

Alma says she got into workers’ compensation law by chance, but it soon became her calling in life.

“I interviewed at a workers’ comp law firm where they took a chance on me because I had no experience in the field,” she said. “And I ended up working there for 23 years.”

Significant Experience with Workers’ Comp Cases

In her 25 years of working in the field, Alma has handled a number of significant cases. She even assisted with handling her sister’s case. Alma’s sister was suffering from carpal tunnel in both wrists. She also had left shoulder and elbow issues due to repetitive work. Doctor-recommended studies revealed that she required bilateral wrist surgeries. Alma worked on her case and ensured that proper reports and documentation were submitted to get the surgery authorized and the post-operative treatment covered. She also received benefits during her time off work.

Alma has worked on several other major injury workers’ compensation cases as well. She helped a client two needed two back surgeries. In his case, Alma worked to ensure that his post-operative care including home-based care, transportation and medications were authorized prior to the surgeries. She worked closely with the Nurse Care Manager to make sure that the client received quality care.

Alma is currently managing several workers’ compensation cases involving significant injuries. One of those cases is an ankle injury where the client crushed his foot while driving a forklift. He was hospitalized for about a month and required several surgeries including a skin graft. When he was released from the hospital, Alma worked to ensure that he got quality care including nurse visit, wheelchair, transportation to doctors’ appointments and home-based physical therapy. She also made sure all his medications were authorized and that he received temporary disability payments during his time away from work.

Another case involves a client who tripped and fell off a roof injuring both legs. He required two surgeries. With the help of a Nurse Case Manager and Alma’s watchful eyes, the client is receiving proper care to ensure a satisfactory recovery. He is still under the care of the surgeon. Alma helped him secure a wheelchair and shower chair to assist him with everyday activities. She arranged for transportation to his doctors’ appointments and assisted him with securing temporary disability benefits as his injuries heal.

Tremendous Job Satisfaction

Alma says the greatest satisfaction she gets from representing injured clients is when she sees how grateful for the help they receive during some of the most challenging times of their lives.

“Helping all the clients obtain proper care, benefits and finally get to a settlement point – those aspects of the work are most important to me,” she says. “But my greatest satisfaction is when a client thanks me for my hard work.”

Alma graduated high school in 1985 and received a clerical certificate from the East Los Angeles Occupational Center.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her daughters and granddaughters; singing, dancing and walking her dog.

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