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A “workers’ compensation settlement lawyer” can sound like, at first, a lot of “legalese.” That means words that sound overtly legal and related to the legal industry, but don’t have a lot of meaning. That’s not the way we take it. We take that title very seriously. In fact, we take great pride in being lawyers that help our clients to get the best workers’ compensation settlement possible. We achieve those goals for a variety of methods, many of them unique or unusual in our particular field. Our firm is always ready to help those who want someone to help with their workers’ compensation case.

Workers’ Compensation Settlement Lawyer Explained

Here at the ODG Law Group, our practice has revolved around one simple idea: we promote and protect the physical, emotional and financial well-being of the individuals and families that turn to us for help. You can find that right on our site. Let’s break it down a bit to show you exactly what we mean by that phrase. When we say “promote” and “protect” we mean those literally. Workers’ compensation genuinely protects those that have been hurt at work. When someone is hurt on the job, and then gets money to pay for their bills, that protects them.

You might ask “how does that protect them?” Look to the next part of our statement: “… protect the physical, emotional and financially well-being of the individuals and families…” They’re protected financially because the money from the settlement can be used to pay for medical bills. That means that the worker injured on the job won’t have to empty their savings account (or worse) to pay for medical expenses they never planned on. That, in turn, can end up protecting the whole family: it can keep spouses from having to get second jobs; it can make sure that college funds for the kids don’t have to be raided, and so forth.

The Meaning of “Emotional Well-Being”

The “emotional” well-being can be protected by our attorneys, as well. It’s been said that time, money and emotions are all resources. They can be built up, but they can be drained, too. When you’re dealing with the immediate aftermath of being hurt on the job, that can drain all of your resources. It can take up all of your time: you might have to spend all day in bed, or in physical therapy, or doing simple exercises just to try and feel better. All of those medical bills (and more) can certainly drain your money. Bear in mind that an injury can drain your emotional resources as well.

Injuries can be genuinely life changing events. They can make everything that much more difficult. You may find the time after an injury (or recovering from an injury) the most emotionally and mentally challenging period of time in your life. All the while, no matter how difficult it may be, you want to bravely put on a positive face in front of the people around you who care about you. No part of this is easy. That’s where our lawyers can come in. Imagine if, on top of all of the stuff you have to deal with, you also have to handle your workers’ comp claim by yourself.

Now, your emotional resources are being drained in multiple ways. While you have to recover, and be there for the people who care about you, you also have to spend time on a workers’ comp case (and you might not be terribly familiar with the laws). That’s all the more reason to hire experienced attorneys. We can handle your case so that you have one less pressing thing to worry about. With your focus and emotional resources diverted away from having to worry about your workers’ comp case all the time, you can direct those emotions towards your recovery, family and more.

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Corporate Law Firm Alternative

One of the major reasons we’re able to do all of that here at the ODG Law Group is that we take pride in being a genuine alternative to most of the corporate law firms that handle workers’ comp cases. We are not an enormous, corporate law firm. This is a family-run business. If we were a store, we’d be a local, homegrown, “mom and pop” one. We’re what’s called a “boutique” firm. That means that when you’re one of our clients, we can focus all of our attention upon you.

If you’ve ever gone to one of the major, enormous corporate firms, you know how gigantic they can be. Rarely do the biggest, most experienced attorneys there have the time to focus on individual clients. The attorney you meet when you show up for the consultation is rarely the one who you interact with, or the one who handles your case. At giant firms like that, the clients, the regular people can basically be an afterthought, just one right after the other. That’s not what happens at the ODG Law Group.

Here, our firm is owned and operated by experienced lawyers who came together, in part, because we all shared the same compassion for our clients. We grew tired very quickly of seeing law firms that barely connected to their clients. We take great pride in making sure we get to know all of our clients while treating them as people. That may seem like a little thing, but we’ve found over the years that it makes all of the difference in the world. We find that we do that much more for our clients in part because we see them as friends, as family, as real people who deserve compensation for what they’ve been through.

You’ll see a lot of firms that go on about wanting to help people and “fighting for the little guy” or something similar. We embrace the opportunity to work one on one with our clients. That’s one of the strengths of a firm like ours. We work with you, every step of the way, so that we can see you get the compensation you deserve. This isn’t one of those law firms where we meet you at the consultation, and then call you a few months later to mention that we got you a settlement. We keep you in the loop, always informed, so that you can make the best decisions for your life.

The well-being of our clients is our first priority. In the end, that’s what workers comp is really about: making sure that clients have an improved well-being after they’ve been injured at work. The ODG Law Group is a genuinely, legitimately family practice. It was founded by sisters working together. As this firm was founded on the principles of family, it operates on the principles of family. We know what it means to stand up for the people who are closest to you, who have been through so much. That’s the sense of compassion, loyalty and dedication we bring to each of our cases.

Educational Emphasis

Part of what makes our firm different from the others is our emphasis on education. Too many other workers’ comp law firms don’t take the time to let their clients know all of their rights as workers; they just take their case and go. Here, we inform you of all of your rights as a worker, so that you’re empowered. From there, you’re able to take decisive action on your own to help ensure the compensation you deserve for having gone through the injury process. Being injured at work can make everything more difficult. We want to do our part to make it easier on you. For more information, give us a call at (818) 975-3080 or head over to our website.

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