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Orthopedic Injury Lawyer in LA: Injuries sustained in an accident can range from minor to severe. In the best-case scenario, minor injuries such as bruises and cuts will be the only consequences of a car accident, a faulty product, or other risky situations. On the other hand, accidents of this nature are frequently more severe in nature, with some resulting in life-altering injuries. Orthopedic injuries are among the most physically painful and incapacitating accidents. Orthopedic injuries are those to the musculoskeletal system that impair a victim’s mobility, either by making movement painful or by immobilizing it entirely. Orthopedic injuries encompass a wide range of specific injuries, ranging from minor ankle sprains to spinal cord damage and quadriplegia.

Orthopedic Injury Lawyer in LA

Orthopedic Injury Lawyer in LA: The Different Types of Orthopedic Injuries 

Most orthopedic injuries are classified into three types:

  • Acute injuries are caused by unexpected and traumatic incidents, such as spraining an ankle or breaking your back.
  • Chronic recurring injuries occur when a chronic condition or an acute injury renders your tissue more vulnerable to damage. They could, for example, be the result of weakened ankle ligaments, which cause you to sprain your ankle several times a year.
  • Chronic overuse injuries result from repeated, low-force impact on a joint, muscle, or bone, common among repetitive, demanding movements. These minor injuries add up over time, resulting in chronic pain and limited mobility.

Start Your First Step Toward Healing And Recovery 

Advanced therapies, such as electrical stimulation, laser therapy, ultrasounds, and exercise are required for orthopedic injuries. These are not simple, comfortable, or inexpensive to overcome. Furthermore, the cost goes beyond medical expenses. These can result in lost earnings, continuous suffering and pain, and even the need to find alternative work opportunities. That is where the orthopedic injury attorneys at ODG Law Group in Los Angeles can assist you. Regardless of the cause, the essential thing in the aftermath of an accident is to get medical care. When we accept cases, we make sure that our clients receive the best medical care possible while building their cases and fighting for monetary compensation. Our team has not only won billions for our clients, but we have also scheduled consultations more effectively. Our role is to safeguard your future in any way we can.

We have assisted people in obtaining compensation for a wide range of orthopedic injuries, including: 

  • Skull Fractures
  • Broken Bones
  • Fractured Vertebrae
  • Closed Head Injuries
  • Ruptured Vertebrae
  • Herniated/Bulging Discs

Have You Had A Sprain Or Strain? 

Sprains and strains are orthopedic injuries that can occur everywhere in your body with ligaments, muscles, or tendons. A sprain occurs when ligaments are stretched or torn (ligaments are rugged bands of fibrous tissue that connect one bone to another). A strain is a muscle or tendon stretching or tearing (tendons are fibrous cords that connect muscles to bones). These injuries are excruciatingly painful and can occur in a variety of everyday situations. Sprains and strains may appear to be minor injuries, but they, like every other type of injury, occur in varying degrees and can result in permanent or long-term debilitation. A severe sprain can bring you out of work, necessitating major or costly surgery, resulting in demobilization in older victims and causing extenuating, lifetime disabilities in younger victims. For these reasons, those who have suffered these injuries at the hands of others through no fault of their own deserve to be compensated for the negative and debilitating consequences of their injuries.

Common Sprain Causes

Sprains occur when a ligament is overextended or torn while a joint is stressed. Falls and trips are common causes of sprains.

These occurrences may have been caused by another party in situations such as:

  • Unlabeled, slick, or uneven surfaces
  • Areas that lack necessary safety barriers or handrails
  • Car accidents are caused by the negligence of another driver

Strains, which can be caused by chronic injury, are typically the result of prolonged, repetitive movements in muscles; these injuries are frequently seen in athletes or people who work physically demanding jobs.

 Common Strains Causes

Acute strains occur when a muscle or tendon stretches abnormally far or rapidly. Slipping, running, jumping, throwing, and lifting heavy objects are all activities that can cause acute tears. If you are injured at work for any of the following reasons, it could be the fault of your employer:

  • Failure to provide adequate training in the use of equipment
  • Inadequate or insufficient supervision
  • Coworkers who are careless or reckless
  • Inadequate equipment to complete tasks

Sprains And Strains Symptoms 

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Muscle spasms
  • Restriction of movement in the affected joint or muscle
  • A “popping” sound at the time of the injury for sprains

Orthopedic Injury Lawyer in LA: Common Types Of Orthopedic Injuries 

An orthopedic injury affects any bone or joint in the body and the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and other structures associated with it. The following are the most common orthopedic injuries:

  • Wrist fractures
  • Dislocated shoulders
  • Ankle sprains 
  • Tennis elbow
  • Stress fractures
  • Carpal tunnel injuries
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Knee/ACL injuries
  • Foot injuries

These types of injuries may heal, but they can cause significant harm to various aspects of a victim’s life. Medical bills may mount, work may be missed, and victims may find themselves unable to make ends meet. That is why our Los Angeles orthopedic injury lawyers fight to ensure that our clients receive just compensation for their injuries and losses.

How Does ODG Law Group Help With Your Orthopedic Injury? 

Our firm accepts orthopedic injury claims on a contingency basis. That is, we will forward all costs associated with investigating and handling your case. We will even assist you in obtaining the necessary medical treatment. You will not be charged any upfront fees, and we will only be paid if you use our services. We can handle workers’ comp, personal injury, premises liability, brain injury, and all other related cases because we have extensive experience with all types of orthopedic injury claims.

Orthopedic Injury Lawyer in LA: Should I See An Orthopedic Specialist For An Orthopedic Injury?

If you have suffered an orthopedic injury in the Los Angeles area, you should see a local specialist. These are complex injuries that may necessitate the attention of an orthopedic surgeon or a facility specializing in orthopedic trauma. Following your initial treatment, you may require physical therapy to restore function to the affected body part. One of our primary goals at ODG Law Group is to assist you in obtaining the medical care you require. When we take on cases for these clients, we focus on assisting them in healing and rebuilding in any necessary way.

Contact Our ODG Orthopedic Injury Attorney Today 

Whatever type of injury you are currently suffering from, if it was sustained in an accident caused by another person’s negligent or reckless behavior, you should not delay in contacting ODG Law Group. We are committed to meeting the needs of injury victims across the state and country. You can rely on an associate from our firm for assistance at any time during the legal process. We are eager to put our skills and experience to work for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss your case. Our services are provided on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not be charged unless we win for you. Because our success is dependent on your success, we gladly assume all of the risks in your case. Let us fight for the best results possible.

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