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When you go to work, you expect to be safe from workplace violence. Even if you’re at a workplace with a high degree of risk (like a construction site or a warehouse) the risk should come from the work itself. That’s a risk that you can prepare for and be trained for. Part of your job in those environments is to be prepared for the risk and, in the course of doing your job, mitigate it as much as possible. However, with workplace shootings, you can’t do that. As an employee there’s no preparing for those or any other kind of human-caused violence. Should you be harmed by something like that, give us, the best worker’s compensation for workplace shootings lawyer a call.

Workplace Shootings and Violence

The kind of violence in the workplace most people are familiar with are workplace shootings, but they aren’t the only kind of workplace violence that some employees have to deal with. There have been studies that say there is somewhere around 25,000 reported workplace assaults in the United States per week. That doesn’t count the assaults that go unreported. That’s not to say that every job is a warzone and dangerous or anything like that. However, if you are a victim of workplace violence, you should be with a law firm that knows how to deal with these kinds of cases.


workers compensation for workplace shootings

Loss of Consciousness Injuries

Here at the ODG Law Group, we have many years of experience in filing workers’ compensation claims. If you’ve been the victim of a workplace shooting or the victim of any kind of workplace violence, give us a call. We can pursue these cases in many different ways. Your employer has a duty to make sure that you and the other employees are in a safe work environment. If you think you have a case or even if you aren’t sure, we recommend you reaching out to us.

Injuries on the Job

If you’re suffering from workplace violence, you deserve an attorney on your side that’s been through this kind of thing before. You didn’t ask to be the victim of this violence at work. So you definitely don’t deserve to have to go through this alone or have to pay for all of your medical bills and treatment on your own.

The Right Workers’ Comp Attorneys

While we can take your workers’ compensation case if you have been involved in workplace shootings, we can also take your case if you’ve dealt with so many other kinds of injuries on the job. If you’ve hurt your head, if you’ve slipped and fell, if you were exposed to toxic chemicals at work – if any of those have happened to you, call us at (818) 975-3080 or head to our site.

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