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Injured on the Job, our Workers Compensation Attorneys Can Help

Many people falsely believe that they would only be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they suffered from a specific and distinct injury at work, like a car accident or slip and fall. However, that is not true. One of the most common types of injuries we see day to day in our practice is a cumulative trauma injury.

A cumulative trauma is an injury that occurs throughout the course of time due to repetitive motions. A few examples of cumulative trauma injuries are listed below:

• An inventory or stock room clerk that has developed neck and back pain due to repetitive lifting;

• A cashier or administrative assistant that has developed wrist and hand pain due to repetitive keyboarding;

• A chef or baker that has developed carpal or cubital tunnel due to repetitive chopping and mixing;

• A sales associate or bank teller that has developed back, leg and knee pain due to repetitive and prolonged standing;

• A painter or factory worker that has developed neck and shoulder pain due to repetitive lifting; and

• A construction worker or laborer that has developed knee pain due to repetitive kneeling.

If you have been working for your employer for more than one year and have aches and pains throughout your body, contact San Bernadino Workers Comp Lawyer for a free consultation at 818-230-2428 to determine whether you can file a workers’ compensation claim for your cumulative trauma injury.