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A great work ethic is one of the best traits you can cultivate in yourself. People with a great work ethic tend to do better at any kind of job. They don’t just do their job; they work at their job so that they can continue to improve at it. These are the kinds of employees that employers want to have. That being said, it’s important not to let your work ethic sabotage you. For example, if you’re hurt on the job, that’s not a violation of your work ethic to collect workers compensation. It’s your right. In this blog, we’ll cover our workers compensation attorney in Los Angeles team can help you to do the right thing should you be injured at work.

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When you go to work in the morning, you expect to come home exactly the same way. No one ever expects to get hurt at work. No one plans on being injured – when it happens, it can throw your entire world off its axis. Injuries in workplaces are all too common. Even the seemingly safest workplace can cause people injuries. We’ve seen so many people at the quietest, smoothest running offices get injured. Whether it’s dropping something, something falling on them, slip and fall accidents or many others, workplace injuries can occur in so many different ways in essentially any kind of office. When you’re injured, it’s important to remember that you have rights.

Workers Compensation Filing

If you’re like most people, when you’re injured on the job, your initial reaction is going to be shock. It’s likely that nothing like that’s ever happened to you before. While in that state of shock, many people try to go right back to work. It makes sense: you’ve got that good work ethic; you want to go right back to work. However, that’s not the best decision for you or the people you care about in life. Sure, you may be worried that if you don’t work that day, perhaps you’ll lose money or even your employment. However, without receiving medical care quickly, you’re leaving yourself open to suffering further injuries.

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You Can’t Be Punished for Filing

In the moments after you’ve been injured on the job, a million things are liable to be running through your head. One we hear sometimes is that someone will think: “I should file for workers compensation… but what will my boss do? Won’t I get fired, reprimanded or worse?” it’s important to remember that you are allowed to file for workers compensation. Really. When you’re injured on the job, it’s your right to file for it. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries and what you’ll have to go through as you recover. Your supervisor, your boss, anyone at your job can’t punish or fire you for availing yourself of your workers compensation rights. Should they even attempt to do so, we can get you even more compensation. Don’t be afraid to do what’s right.

Compensation for Your Injuries

There’s so much about workers compensation that most employees don’t realize. For example, did you know that your employer must provide you with medical care if you’re inured on the job? You’ll notice the word isn’t “may provide” or “could be liable to provide,” no, the word was “must.” That’s “must” as in “imperative” and “doesn’t have a choice in the matter.” Should you be injured at work, your employer must provide you with medical care. It’s important to note that this is true whether or not you have to miss time from your job. So, you could break a finger or some other minor yet difficult injury and your employer would have to provide you with medical care.

At our law firm, we understand just how important your family is to you. We have families, too. Indeed, our law firm wasn’t founded by corporate lawyers who were looking to make their own big, corporate firm. The ODG Law Group was made by sisters. So, our law firm understands how important family is because family drives every decision the firm makes. We absolutely understand how your work ethic wants you to keep working at your job and not file for workers compensation. We’re here to tell you that it’s OK to do so. In fact, it’s imperative to do so if you’ve been injured at work.

There are people in your life who count on you. There are probably people in your life who count on you to provide for them financially. To make sure you’re doing so even as you’re recovering from your on the job injury, you need a workers compensation lawyer on your side. To schedule a consultation with us, give us a call at (818) 975-3080 or head to our site.

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