Facts You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Attorney in LA

The workers’ compensation law is the mandated employee insurance program by the state. It is specifically made for employees who got injured due to workplace accidents or employees who got injured while working on a work-related activity. The workers’ compensation law includes the injuries incurred during a business trip or training events. It is vital to note that an injured employee is entitled to the workers’ compensation benefits despite being at fault or not. The workers’ compensation attorney in LA works hand-in-hand with the employees who require their legal assistance. 

The workers’ compensation benefits are one of the significant rights of a regular employee that focuses on employee protection if an injury happens. More often than not, employees under casual or contractual employment types may not be eligible for the benefits included in this program. The common benefits include medical expenses, lost income, and rehabilitation expenses. Thus, the workers’ compensation lawyers in LA ensure to investigate the employees’ claims and find out damages that should be owed to them. The law may be focused on employees’ rights, yet some limitations and restrictions should be well-known to the employees. 

5 Interesting Facts About Workers’ Compensation Laws

To have a comprehensive understanding regarding the workers’ compensation laws, the workers’ compensation lawyer of ODG Law Group presents five interesting facts that every employee should know of. 

Workers’ Compensations Attorney in LA are different from one state to another. 

The state governments regulate worker’s compensation laws. Therefore, the rules and regulations depend on the appropriateness and the need for local requirements. In every state, the process of claiming the workers’ compensation benefits, the calculation, and the benefits itself may vary. Therefore, if you are unsure how it works and what should be done, a workers’ compensation attorney in LA knows the workers’ compensation laws, and they can explain it to you. Most of the states in the United States use public funds to cover the workers’ compensation benefits. It is important to know that companies are also required to acquire insurance coverage to support the benefits. The workers’ compensation benefits are paid entirely by the employer; thus, there should be no expected deductions on the employee’s paychecks. 

workers compensation attorney in la

Not all injuries are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Laws. 

There are instances where some injuries are not eligible for the workers’ compensation benefits, such as: 

Self-inflicted Injuries. If the employee intentionally hurt themselves to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, it is considered fraudulent. Thus, it is not covered by the law. 

Physical Attacks By Co-workers. When one co-worker attracts another worker for personal reasons, it is not covered by the workers’ compensation law. However, it should be noted that these acts are not tolerated by the company and should be reported. 

Alcohol and Drug-Related Accident. If the injuries sustained by the employee was due to an accident while being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, it is not covered by the law since it is the responsibility of every employee to work soberly.

Breaking Laws. If the employee got injured because of breaking the laws, it is not considered eligible for the workers’ compensation benefits. 

While Commuting. If the employee got injured due to the accident that happened on the way to work, it is not covered by the workers’ compensation law. However, when the employee is traveling from one point to another due to a work-related task and accidentally got injured, the employee may be covered by the law. 

Moreover, it is essential to remember that you do not have to prove that your employer is at fault. If you happen to have a work-related accident on an instance which are not stated above, you will most likely be covered by the workers’ compensation benefits. 

Workers Compensation Laws may cover more aside from monetary benefits. 

Workers’ compensation benefits are not just limited to medical expenses, as they help employees during the entire recovery stage. Most of the states in the US offers rehabilitation rights to injured employees. Those employees who cannot return to work caused by workplace accident injury are eligible for the vocational rehabilitation benefits. The benefits depend on the severity of the injury and the workers’ compensation law of the state the employee belongs. The employer should assist the injured employee with job searching, enrollment services, and tuition fees. 

Time limits exist in Workers’ Compensation Claim. 

If you experienced a work-related accident that resulted in any injury that disrupts your work, you should inform your employer as soon as possible. Your report should be critically detailed. Include where the accident took place, how it happened, and the time and date of the occurrence. To make this report more formal, you should not just inform them verbally. You have to write a formal letter and ensure to make an extra copy before you submit it to your employer. Moreover, it would be best if you submit this within 120 days after the accident. If the injury develops over time, you can count within 120 after the diagnosis. 

If you acquired a disease or condition due to your workplace ambiance, you could be eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits. 

If you acquired a medical condition or contagious disease that makes your workplace environment unsafe for working and activities, you could file for a workers’ compensation claim. The following occupational diseases may be eligible for the benefits: cardiovascular disease, skin disease, liver disease, mental health issues, reproductive system disease, and many more. 

How Can A Workers’ Compensation Attorney in LA Help? 

Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, Inc is committed to serving lost, confused, and unprotected employees for their rights. Workers’ Compensation Claims can be challenging as there are different rules and regulations placed for every state. Yet, the experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in LA can surely handle it all for you. Work-related injuries should not be left unattended as it could cause more severe injuries in the future. Please do not waste any time and contact us today to address your workplace-related injury. Give us a call at (818) 975-3080

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