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Employees often spend most of their time at work. Thus, work accidents are, indeed, inevitable. These accidents range from minor ones to major, including falls or trips, back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, car accidents for work-related trips, and many more. As a result, employees experience injuries that may hinder them from continuing their employment or living life like they used to. Should employees experience these, they should know that a Workers’ Compensation Law exists for their benefit. A workers’ comp attorney Los Angeles works with injured employees to help them obtain compensation for medical expenses and lost income. 

The truth is, you do not need to hire an attorney if you have not experienced any problems filing for a workers’ comp claim. You may do it on your own with no complications. However, not all employees experience the same thing. Some often experience denial of a request from the employer or the insurance company. When this happens, the employee should fight for his rights and never feel intimidated by any company. It is best to hire an experienced workers’ comp attorney in Los Angeles from ODG Law Group to fight with you during this challenging time. 

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5 Reasons To Hire Workers’ Comp Attorney Los Angeles

If you or any of your loved ones got injured in a work-related accident, hiring workers’ comp attorney Los Angeles from ODG Law Group could help you in many aspects. It is normal not to know everything about how the claim works, yet with the lawyers’ guidance, you can determine how to move forward with your situation. The best part is, you will never have to face a difficult future alone as you are guided and supported by the best. If you need more convincing, we present the five reasons why you need a workers’ comp attorney. 

The Workers’ Compensation Law may be too complicated. 

Workers’ compensation law varies from one state to another. Therefore, if you are an injured employee and prefer to handle your issue alone, it will not be easy. It isn’t easy to navigate this law without guidance from a legal professional. Even lawyers who do not specialize in this area will be having a hard time dealing with workers’ comp cases. ODG Law Group workers’ comp attorney Los Angeles is always ready to be at your service to avoid delays and wasting effort. They will explain to you how filing the claim works and what you need to prepare, do, and expect as you move forward. 

The insurance adjuster is giving you a hard time. 

When it comes to filing claims, some employees experience delay or denial, which often leads to disappointment on the employees’ part. So, they prefer not to do anything at all, knowing how these insurance companies work. Some insurance companies find a way to avoid releasing any amount of money, yet this should not be the case. Injured employees have the right to obtain benefits. Thus, ODG Law Group’s workers’ comp attorney knows how to handle insurance companies. They know how to fight for you legally, so they can assure you that they can help you make the situation work out for you. 

You may lose your employment. 

In some cases, employees lose their job after sustaining work-related injuries. Some employers do not accept their employees despite having fully recovered. Also, some do not give their employees a chance once the claim has been granted. This is not how it is supposed to be. Workers’ Compensation Law exists to protect employees’ rights, and employers should honor them. When unfortunate situations like cutting the contract or laying the employee off the job, ODG Law Group ensures that you do not have to worry about losing your job. One of the responsibilities of a workers’ comp attorney is to secure your future endeavors. 

Filing a claim may become too stressful. 

Sustaining an injury is not a joke. It is not only the physical aspect that is affected. It includes mental and emotional stress, mainly because you do not have the right knowledge of dealing with the occurrence of issues about your workers’ comp claim. However, one thing is certain, you do not need to be stressed and handle everything at once. Workers’ comp attorneys will share the burden with you. They understand the reality behind work-related accidents, and they have worked with countless employees who want nothing but deserved compensation. Thus, you can trust ODG Law Group that they will put you first and never ignore your case. 

They treat you like family. 

Some of the existing law firms are only after your money. They never take your case as a priority because they handle other cases all at once. With ODG Law Group, you will never experience this. Workers’ comp attorneys ensure to make time and meet with you. They will discuss the options for your case. The best part is, they do give not only legal advice but also emotional and mental support. When everything else is turning dark, and you feel hopeless, it is always best to have a great support system. ODG Law Group understands how being compassionate is vital to every legal endeavor. Therefore, they work the hardest to help you receive compensation for your past and future medical expenses, rehabilitation and therapy fees, lost income, pain, and suffering, among the few. 

ODG Law Group: The Leading Workers’ Comp Attorney Los Angeles

Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group has been serving in the legal industry to protect injured employees’ rights and give them hope towards their recovery. They are known to handle minor and major workers’ comp cases successfully. Over the years, the law firm has grown to help provide legal support to those who need it most. ODG Law Group’s workers’ comp attorney Los Angeles believes that no injured employee needs to suffer in silence. They exist to be the voice of these employees as they deserve nothing but the best. Contact us today at (818) 975-3080.

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