What Do You Need to Know About Warehouse Injury?

Most of the time, injuries acquired in a warehouse accident is tormenting. This is due to the working environment and powerful heavy equipment. That’s why warehouse injury is likely and workers need to be extra careful.

Employee tasks include inventory management, assembly, and labeling. Other duties also cover packing orders, shipments, and more.  If a warehouse injury happened, you might need the assistance of a work injury attorney.

Common Warehouse Injuries

Warehouse workers scurry around with loads of boxes in their arms. They lift, pull, and push heavy cartons from one place to another. Arguably, there’s no doubt that working in an extremely high-tech workplace can cause a warehouse injury. 

Warehouse Injury: Hazardous Chemical Susceptibility 

A section of the production process is working with dangerous and risky chemicals. Unluckily, these harmful chemicals are hard to prevent. Leaks and spills may occur and can be lif-threatening.

Entangled in the Machine 

Machine entanglement is another common warehouse injury. This accident happens when workers are usually snagged in or compressed in heavy factory equipment. To avoid this, warehouse people should have appropriate training in machine operation and handling.

Warehouse Injury

Missteps, Stumbles, and Collapses

Warehouse floors are typically slippery when wet. There could also be slopes or uneven flooring. The build-up of containers, pallets, excess inventory, and debris can create stumbling hazards. 

Grease, haphazard cords, and factory residues can also cause warehouse injury. To prevent accidents, immediate cleaning of any spills is important. Placing of caution signage is necessary. Moreover, employees need to wear proper footwear while working.

Struck by Falling Objects

Cartons, boxes, crates, and pallets are usually stacked on top of another. However, when it exceeded the allowed quantity these items will fall. Worse is, workers can be struck by falling objects. This causes another warehouse injury. 

Falling objects usually occur because of poor conditions at the workplace. This is also to blame for work and operations set up. Additionally, negligence and human error contribute to the cause of this warehouse injury. 

Heavy Equipment Accidents

Heavy equipment will always be present in warehouses. Forklifts are the most common machinery used to lift heavy objects.  Larger warehouses use reach trucks When an operator is not careful enough, a warehouse injury is likely to happen. Since it’s operated is manual, it could overturn and crush whatever is in its way. 

Heavy equipment accidents occur due to crowded facilities and poor training. It could also be because of perilous operational use or luckless chance. Machine operators need to have certification and formal training. Likewise, employees are sometimes run over by a forklift or a reach truck. 

Loading Dock Injuries

This warehouse area could be the most dangerous section. Employees can fall off the docks. Getting crushed is also while loading or unloading items. Even more, trucks can hit them resulting in serious injury or death.

Overexertion Injuries 

Too much stress and pressure on the body can cause warehouse injury. This type of injury usually happens when a worker always lifts too much. The body parts that always endure the hurt are shoulders and back due to overexertion. Overexertion injuries include pulling, pushing, carrying, or hauling down.

Other Types of Injuries in Warehouse Accidents

Aside from the mentioned injuries above, there are other injuries incurred in the warehouse. These are as follows:

  • Amputation
  • Loss of eyesight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Head or brain injuries
  • Cuts, bruises, and lacerations
  • Dislocations
  • Repetitive stress injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Tinnitus
  • Burns
What is Cal/OSHA?

Identifying the hazards of warehouse jobs, the Cal/OSHA is responsible for the worker’s health and safety. It stands for the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The program ensures that employers observe occupational safeguarding and health guidelines. 

Moreover, it keeps the workplace free from any danger. The Cal/OSHA guidelines or standards protect nearly all workers in California. 

Establishing a Warehouse Injury Compensation Claim

If you are a warehouse injury victim, you have a legal right for claiming compensation. This is most likely when the injury occurred due to other people’s mistakes or irresponsibility. Filing a claim isn’t easy as it seems and requires the legal help of a work injury attorney. It’s because the employer’s insurance company negotiates all wrongful injury claims. 

Generally, insurance companies hire legal experts to veto such warehouse injury claims. They usually offer a low-ball settlement hoping the complainant will drop the case. What most victims don’t know is the amount offered is only enough to pay medical bills. If the complainant accepts this out-of-court agreement, all the rights for claiming compensation are typically voided. 

Who to Call for Legal Help in Terms of Warehouse Injury? 

Have you followed all stipulated safety regulations and still injured? If it’s somebody’s fault or recklessness, you may file a warehouse injury claim.  

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