Understanding The Need To Call Workers’ Comp Attorney Near Me For Help

The truth is, not all injured employee has to call a workers’ comp attorney near me for help. This fact lies in the workers’ compensation law that enables every worker to process the system easily. If you sustained a work-related injury, filed a claim, and have not experienced difficulties with your employer or insurance company, then you can most likely handle the claim on your own. However, the process of doing so is not often that easy. There are instances when injured employees are clueless about their rights, privileges, and benefits. Also, some employers and insurance company partners can be hard to deal with even when you clearly sustained injuries while performing your work tasks. Thus, several workers can benefit greatly with the help of a workers’ compensation attorney. 

There are extremely rare cases where an employee who suffered from an injury due to a work-related accident needs to file a claim outside the restriction of a workers’ compensation, as a personal injury lawyer is proven to be more appropriate. The best example is when you are injured due to your employer’s intentional act. Because of this, you can file a case against your employer for the said workplace injury. It is vital to keep in mind that you do not have to go through this tough process alone. Thus, it is best to understand when to need a workers’ comp lawyer near me for help. They are trained, experienced, and reliable attorneys that you can truly entrust your complex work-related injury to. 

workers comp attorney near me

Important Workers’ Compensation Facts You Need To Know

Workers’ compensation attorneys are always at your service when an injured employee comes in for help. In fact, Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group clearly understands how essential their legal service is to lost, confused, and afraid employees. Thus, the workers’ comp attorney near me ensures that employees have a comprehensive knowledge of when to call them for help. 

A legal consult is essential, yet the following situations require the great need for a workers’ compensation attorney’s services: 

Your claim gets denied. There are insurance companies that intentionally reject workers’ compensation claims due to many reasons. Two great examples of this situation are when they claim that your injury is not work-related and when you filed the claim later than you are supposed to. In these cases, you can file for an appeal using the workers’ compensation law. It is vital to note that the appeals vary from one state to another. However, the process usually involves filing formal paperwork, using the right legal tools to gather relevant evidence, and presenting your well-prepared case during a hearing.

Your permanent disability rating is questioned. One of the essential aspects of the workers’ compensation law is permanent disability benefits. These are identified based on the injured employee’s permanent disability rating. There are cases when insurance companies do not agree with the rating given by the medical doctor. In this case, the insurance company requires the employee to comply and accomplish the independent medical examination with medical doctors of their choice. Most of the time, the IME doctor assigns a lower rating to justify the insurance company’s side paying lesser benefits. Thus, the need for a workers’ comp attorney near me is vital to reach a fair settlement or to convince a judge that the employee deserves a higher disability rating. 

You have a prior medical condition. If you are injured at work on a similar body part which you have a preexisting medical condition, it is definitely going to be a challenge proving your claim with the insurance company. They can blame your prior medical condition compared to the injury you have sustained at work. This situation can be true, especially when the injury has developed through time. 

You are having a difficult time obtaining the treatment needed. Insurance companies have the power to deny or delay any known expensive medical treatments. This treatment includes surgery. With the workers’ compensation attorney’s help, they can follow up and pressure the insurance companies to approve the treatments appropriately and obtain them promptly. 

Your work opportunities are affected. If you sustained injuries at work that would make you unable to work again, you need to work and maximize your workers’ compensation benefits to support you until the future. If you need to change your profession or career, you need to complete training as a requirement. For both situations to work, a workers’ compensation attorney can help you make it a reality. 

You need to attend a workers’ compensation hearing. When the insurance companies refuse to settle or only offer a low settlement, then you need to prove that you are entitled to the workers’ compensation benefits at a hearing. Since it is a trial, the need to have a workers’ compensation lawyer represent your behalf is essential. 

Why Choose A Workers’ Comp Attorney Near Me in ODG Law Group?

Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group has been serving in the legal industry since 2011. The law firm has continued to live by its simple vision, protecting its clients’ well-being during their most difficult and devastating time. They are a family-owned firm, making them the best persons in providing legal assistance to clients who require help. They have experienced, well-trained, and most of all, compassionate attorneys who fight their best to achieve the deserved justice. 

Having been injured in the workplace or while performing job-related tasks is not an easy journey. There are many things at stake, such as income, opportunities, and the job itself. With the state’s workers’ compensation law, the employees should be protected by their rights and receive compensation for a work-related accident. However, complex situations involving employers and insurance companies often happen in reality. Thus, the workers’ comp attorney near me works the hardest to ensure that the injured employees are provided with just compensation and benefits. Moreover, they stand with the workers who are unfairly treated until justice is served. If you are experiencing any of the complex work-related injury situations stated above, contact ODG Law Group today. 

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