Understand Your Rights Regarding Cumulative Trauma Injuries

When you work at the same task again and again for many months or years, you are likely to notice small pains related to this action. Known as cumulative trauma injuries, or repetitive strain injuries, these are caused by the repeated movement and damage caused to your body by repetitive labor. If you perform the same action repeatedly for many hours, then your body will not be able to repair the small traumas done to the body, and over time a more serious problem may develop. Without long-term rest, your body may be seriously impaired due to repetitive strain injury, and you may start to experience severe pain in the body as a direct result of this issue.

Common Locations For Cumulative Trauma Disorder

If you have suffered from injuries as a result of a cumulative trauma, then there may be specific areas of your body which are affected. For example, tendon disorders are perhaps the most common area to be affected by this disorder. These are the tissues which are used to connect your muscles and bones, and small traumas occurring here can become very serious. Tendinitis, a sort of inflammation, can prevent movement, and may also develop cysts in the affected area. No disorders including carpal tunnel syndrome may also be a common disorder caused by cumulative action. If any of these disorders are left untreated, then you may face a lifetime of problems in that area, sometimes resulting in paralysis or and dependency upon painkillers.

cumulative trauma injuries

Are You Are Entitled To Compensation?

Workers who are injured due to a single accident are obviously entitled to receive workers’ compensation, but those who suffer from repetitive strain injuries may be more uncertain about whether they are entitled to make a claim. In some areas of the United States, you do not need to establish that the injury at work was caused during a single event, and this means that you can claim compensation for cumulative trauma and repetitive strain damage. If you have been working in California, and have started to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or other nerve and muscle damage related to repetitive actions, then you will be able to claim workers’ compensation for the injury. This will require having medical evidence that you are suffering from the injury, and that you require treatment in order to recover full use of the area affected.

Getting Help With Compensation Claims

It is not always easy to seek workers’ compensation for cumulative trauma injuries, and so it makes sense to seek help from specialists in this area. You need the help of experienced lawyers to negotiate with lawyers from your company, to make sure that you get the full compensation you are entitled to. ODG Law Group are here to help you, and have many years’ experience handling workers’ compensation claims. To find out how we can help you with your RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome claims, contact us online today, or call us at (818) 975-3080 now.

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