Tree Cutters’ Injuries Lawyer Can Help with Your Workers’ Compensation

Since 2014, California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health has been investigating 70 accidents that involved tree work. The major causes of injuries and death that tree cutters experienced include electrocution, ladder accidents, falls, and chainsaw cuts. As an injured worker, you need to seek workers’ compensation to cover current and future medical expenses and loss of income. A trusted tree cutters’ injuries lawyer can help you file for recovery.

What Does Tree Work Involve?

Tree cutters have the following task when trimming and cutting trees which also pose risks:

  • Feeding wood chippers
  • Using power tools such as chain saw while up in a tree
  • Cutting limbs and branches near power lines
  • Climbing trees
  • Getting elevated in aerial devices
  • Using convenient ladders 

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Catastrophic Tree Work Injuries that Tree Cutters May Experience

Tree workers are also vulnerable to impending dangers and injuries they may encounter while doing their job. Should you experience any of these hazards, a tree cutters’ injuries lawyer is the one you can turn to for help. She can take on your case and fight for your rights. Below are the most catastrophic injuries that tree workers might face:

  • Heatstroke and organ malfunction due to prolonged exposure to hot environments
  • Mutilation when accidentally pulled into a brush or wood chipper
  • Electrocution or flash burns when made contact with live power lines
  • Oxygen starvation due to the fallen palm tree skirt 
  • Anaphylaxis or a life-threatening allergic reaction due to bee stings or wasps
  • Wounds and significant blood loss due to chainsaw accidents   
  • Serious injuries, internal bleeding, as well as head or brain injuries such as skull fractures from falling or struck by hard objects

Types of Brain Injuries

There are two types of brain injuries based on the kind of head trauma sustained, which includes the exigency of the injury. These are Open Head and Closed Head Injury. It will influence how a tree cutters’ injuries lawyer will prepare the case including the types of damages needed to seek.


Open head injuries happen if an object punctures or ruptures the skull. Aside from brain damage, open wounds are susceptible to infection. Besides, it can make the condition complicated. This classification of head injury comes in two types: skull fractures and penetrating injuries.

Skull Fractures

Fractures can develop from any part of the skull. Linear fracture is the most common type which appears as cracks or breaks in the skull. Some are minor while some are major like a depressed skull fracture. This occurs when a piece of bone digs into the brain which causes serious injury. 

Penetrating Injuries

This type of open head injury occurs if the object penetrates the skull and impairs the brain. It is common in gunshot injuries, car collisions, and stabbings.


Closed head injuries manifest if the brain punches the inside of the skull. This injury usually results from a strong impact such as the head knocking the car’s windshield. Even if no physical injury shows, the brain can swell inside the skull. The situation can apply extreme pressure on fragile tissues and nerves resulting in permanent damage. It needs immediate medical attention to lighten the pressure which increased around the brain. 

Diffuse Injuries

These injuries involve microscopic changes that went scattered across the brain which are usually hard to diagnose. It can afflict the nerve fibers and restrain blood flow to specific parts of the brain causing severe damage. 

Mass Lesions

It pertains to confined sections of the injury resulting in bruises and blood clots or hematoma. Additionally, it can cause bleeding or hemorrhage that increases the pressure on the brain.


It is a minor form of closed head injury that leads to swelling. Our brain can recover from a concussion. However, continuous swelling of the brain and unconsciousness for more than a minute can lead to severe brain damage. Also, if a second concussion occurs even before the victim recovers, severe damage may happen or even death.

Responsibility of Tree Trimming Companies to Its Workers

Owners of tree trimming companies should provide their workers with proper and safety equipment. Likewise, they must assure all workers have sufficient training to manage safety hazards they will encounter. Most importantly, they need to provide workers’ compensation insurance to protect their tree cutters. 

Training not only involves handling a chainsaw or learning how to climb a tree quickly. Tree cutters have the right to report hazardous workplace environments as well as routines. 

Appealing for Recovery and Hiring an Expert Lawyer

Situations such as tree cutters’ injuries also need immediate attention. They need financial support to pay for medical expenses or funerals in case of death. As an injured worker, you’ll need the help of a reputable lawyer.

Permanent disability or even death can exasperate your life and your family. Appealing for recovery can help assure financial security. It will help cover lost wages and important expenses. 

An expert lawyer can handle your case and prove the liable party or parties. It can be your neglectful employer or the manufacturer of a defective tool. 

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