Slip Or Fall From A Lower Height? What Should I do? Get Legal Advice From A Reliable Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles

Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles: The fall from heights as low as five feet is dangerous due to a person’s reaction time and the force of gravity. A typical person’s reaction time is less than one second. An individual will have fallen four feet in that amount of time. Gravity pulls people down as they fall, increasing their speed and impact force.

According to one study, the contact surface on which a person falls has a significant effect on the severity of the injury and may have a massive impact on the fall’s height. Victims who hit concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces get more seriously injured than those who strike grass or soft surfaces. 

The roofers, construction workers, and other employees who perform tasks at great heights are well aware of the dangers of slip and fall injuries. Slips and falls from lower levels, on the other hand, can be extremely dangerous, resulting in traumatic or painful medical conditions that may prevent workers from earning a living in their chosen profession.

Slips and falls from lower heights get frequently caused by defective or unsafe stairways, slippery floors, platforms, or ladders. The majority of ladder fatalities got caused by slips and fell from heights of 10 feet or less. Unfortunately, many slips and falls from lower heights are easily avoidable with proper platform maintenance or standard safety features. Failure to provide the standard safety features on products or address unsafe conditions on-premises may result in legal liability for a property owner or business owner.

If you do injure due to a slip and fall, a reputable Los Angeles slip and fall injury lawyer from the Workers’ Compensation Law Attorney can assist you. We can start to investigate whether a property owner’s negligence was attributed to your accident and hold them liable for the full extent of your damage.

Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles

Slips and Falls From Lower Heights Cause What Kinds Of Injuries?

Slips and falls from lower heights can result in neck injuries, arm and leg fractures, lumbar or lower back injuries, hip fractures, and brain damage. In high falls, thoracic injuries, such as trauma to the mid and upper back, rib fractures, and lung damage, are more common.

These types of injuries can have long-term consequences. Spinal injuries and complicated fractures frequently necessitate multiple surgeries and hospital stays. Even if patients recover sufficiently to return home, they may suffer long-term disability or physical impairment that prevents them from working full-time in their chosen profession.

Proving A Slip & Fall Case

How do you prove that the negligence of a property owner caused your slip and fall accident? You know it was not your fault, but how will you and your lawyer prove it if you file a lawsuit?

It all comes down to a “dangerous condition” the property owner would have already known about and that a “reasonable property owner” should have discovered and fixed before anyone was hurt.

Dangerous Conditions

A dangerous condition must pose an unreasonable risk of harm to those on the property and be one that a reasonable person would not have expected — in other words, it must not be an obvious, avoidable hazard.

In a movie theater, there are broken stairs. When you are descending the stairs to your seat, you expect those stairs to work correctly. But what if they give way and fall because the owner failed to address the issue? That is a dangerous situation.

‘ Reasonable’ Property Owners

A slip and fall process requires proving that the property owner did not act as a reasonable property owner would, in addition to dangerous conditions that were negligently left unattended. A reasonable property owner should have a plan in place to address any dangerous conditions in a timely and comprehensive manner so that no one is injured. On the other hand, a negligent property owner fails to do so and may create conditions in which people get injured, leaving them saddled with medical bills, lost wages, and upended lives.

With this in mind, the ODG Law attorney and his or her team will attempt to answer the following questions or concerns as they investigate your slip and fall claim:

  • Was the hazardous area present for long enough for the property owner to be aware of it?
  • Is there a standard procedure for inspecting the premises, and does the owner have proof of it?
  • Was there a reason for the area to be dangerous, such as a broken stairwell handrail?
  • Is there any way to make the area safer? 
  • Was there anywhere else the object could have been stored to make the premises safer if it caused a slip, trip, or fall?
  • Could a warning sign or barrier have been put in place to prevent injury?

Did the Property Owner Violate Laws?

In some cases, if your injury was caused by a property owner failing to follow local building codes, your attorney may prove negligence. Local building codes, for example, could dictate where stair railings and another safety warning must get installed. You may be able to file a claim if you fall due to a lack of appropriate railings.

Slip And Fall Injury Lawyer In Los Angeles: How Much Can You Get from a Slip & Fall Lawsuit?

If you, a family member, or relatives got injured in a slip and fall accident, you would file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses. As a result, you’re probably wondering how much your case is worth. It depends on the details of your case; there are numerous factors to consider.

Get Legal Advice With ODG Law Group

It will make both the client and the property owner uncomfortable in this situation. Both parties are likely to work hard to find a solution that benefits both parties. Optional coverage may be limited to a certain amount in some cases. It’s probably best to consult with a slip and fall injury lawyer at this point to see if it’s reasonable.

Individuals interested in learning more about the case can contact Oktanyan Der-Grogan Law Group, a lawyer specializing in slip and fall cases. They offer free case reviews to clients. Please contact (818) 975-3080.

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