Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles: How And When Do You Need Them?

Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles: When you fall and suffer a serious injury, slip, and fall injury, lawyers in Los Angeles can handle your lawsuit. Fortunately, the majority of falls do not result in injury. You casually slip and fall and go about your business. Sadly, not all slip and fall injuries are like that. Some result in injuries that need months or even years of rehabilitation and some of these injuries are irreversible. When this happens, you need to be compensated for everything you’ve gone through. That’s where ODG Law Group’s slip and fall injury lawyer in Los Angeles comes in. They can assist you in getting what you deserve for your suffering and pain.

Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles

Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles: The Common Slip And Fall Injuries 

It’s easy to ignore how painful and awful a fall can be. No matter how cautious you are, the proprietors of a place may be negligent. When their carelessness creates a risky situation, it is almost certain that a serious injury or major accident will result. ODG Law Group’s slip and fall injury lawyers can assist you in these instances. When an injury cannot be “walked away,” you deserve to have someone on your side to assist you in obtaining what you deserve.

In slip and fall, injuries may occur that do not manifest as physical bruises but might cause long-term harm. Consider spinal cord injuries. They are all-too-common consequences of a slip and fall. They might not appear in a picture, in any case. They could also not appear right away. If they develop later in life and cause issues at work (such as you losing some of your earning potential), you are entitled to slip and fall compensation for that lost income.

Slipping and falling injuries can also result in bone fractures and herniated discs. A “herniated disc” occurs when something happens to your spine; generally, trauma (such as falling) puts considerable pressure on the nerves. That might result in pain that does not go away. Surgery is frequently the only option to receive some relief from this discomfort.

You should not have to pay for this surgery because it was not your fault that you were injured. This is another case in which Los Angeles slip and fall injury lawyers might be useful.

It appears that concussions are becoming more widely publicized. Medical experts have long been aware of these injuries, but they are constantly learning more about them. Slip and fall incidents are also known to cause concussions and other traumatic brain injuries. Even if you fall from a low height, hitting your head can cause long-term harm. Concussion and head or brain injury symptoms may not appear for weeks or even months after an incident. They frequently lead to ongoing treatment and the like, which is exactly the type of thing you should be compensated for.

These are a handful of the common types of injuries seen by Los Angeles slip and fall injury lawyers. There are several more types of injuries that might occur. The ODG Law Group understands that no two injuries are the same. Just as no two situations are alike, no two cases are identical. That is why the ODG Law Group has such a skilled team of slip and fall injury lawyers. They’ve seen it all when it comes to slip and fall injuries. They can now use their experience to help you in your case.

Places Where Slip And Fall Injuries Can Happen 

Slip and fall injury lawyers in Los Angeles frequently emphasize that they may happen anywhere. They may be more likely to occur at an amusement park or other comparable place, but they can occur anywhere people are at risk of falling caused by the negligence of a proprietor or management. No matter how cautious you are, you might still fall and injure yourself if someone does not take adequate care of their property or business. However, there are a few places or areas where the ODG Law Group sees a greater rate of injuries.

Parking lots appear to be safe, although they aren’t usually adequately kept. The light is often bad, and railings, steps, and other elements occasionally deteriorate. Furthermore, in Southern California, parking lots are frequently quite densely packed, making it difficult to move between them, whether on a walk or in a car. If you fall or are hit by a car due to insufficient light or something similar, the owner may be at fault. In this case, as mentioned above, the driver of the vehicle might also be at fault.

Despite the development of the gig economy, the vast majority of people still buy in grocery stores. Unfortunately, slip and fall injury lawyers in Los Angeles will tell you that is where the majority of slip and fall injuries occur. You’ve probably seen all of those “warning” signs at markets or grocery stores after a spill or other type of mishap. However, if one of those signs is missing and you slip, fall, and are injured, the business (and others) will be held completely responsible. By the way, the same holds for each public bathroom you visit. If someone else fails to maintain their property or place and you are injured, you should not have to pay.

Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers In Los Angeles: ODG Law Group: How Can Slip And Fall Injury Lawyers Help? 

Many thoughts will go through your head if you fall and injure yourself on someone else’s property or in a public place. The last of which may be “I need to consult with a lawyer.” That, though, is something you’ll want to do as quickly as possible. The first step is to seek appropriate medical attention. The most important thing to you and others who care about you is your health. You don’t want to waste time or play games with it, so make sure you first take care of your health. The second step is to contact slip and fall injury lawyers in Los Angeles. 

One of the main reasons for calling them so immediately is to begin the investigation of the incident site. If possible, you should take as many pictures as you can of where you fell and how you were injured. The more pictures you capture, the more evidence you’ll have of what truly happened. When the insurance provider (or others) tries to twist the facts, you and your lawyers will have the evidence you need to prove what happened.

Spills will be cleaned up as soon as possible. Skid marks will be removed. Anything in a market, store, or other public place or area that caused your slip and fall accident will be cleaned and removed immediately, so you’ll need proof of what happened. Also, as soon as you are injured, the insurance provider will deploy someone to investigate. The ODG Law Group cannot emphasize this enough:

  1. Do not provide them with a written statement.
  2. Don’t give them anything they can use against you later to discredit your slip and fall injury claim and pay you less than you deserve. The insurance company will accept whatever reason they can think of to underpay you.
  3. Hire ODG Law Group’s slip and fall lawyers, and then consult with them before signing anything or saying anything to anybody working for an insurance company.

Consult ODG Law Group To Learn More About Slip And Fall Injury Cases 

Slip and fall accidents may be frightening and devastating. When they happen, you have the right to be paid for your pain, misery, and suffering. If you have to leave work or, worse, won’t be able to execute your job as well (if any at all), you’ll be entitled to slip and fall injury compensation. See what the ODG Law Group can do for you by calling (818) 975-3080 or go to their website at to reach their professional slip and fall lawyers in Los Angeles for a free slip and fall case evaluation.

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