Orthopedic Workplace Injury Los Angeles Lawyer

Each industry goes through certain aspects that can cause an accident if the employer disregards implementing safety regulations. Did you suffer serious injury as a worker while working? If so, it’s best to speak with an orthopedic workplace injury Los Angeles lawyer at the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group.

Orthopedic Workplace Injury Los Angeles Lawyer

What is Orthopedic Workplace Injury?

Orthopedic work injuries affect the body’s musculoskeletal systems. This injury oppresses an individual’s mobility and capability to do daily routines. It afflicts the bone and muscle structure due to several factors.

Most Common Orthopedic Workplace Injuries Workers Endure

Musculoskeletal afflictions result in over 600,000 injuries in the United States. They account for 34% of lost work time. These injuries can occur in any profession or occur and not just in manual labor jobs, such as in construction sites or warehouses. Those who are just sitting in the office and typing on the computer or laptop for almost 9 hours a day are also at risk.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Soft tissues are the most affected in carpal tunnel injury and other repetitive strain injuries. It is frequent in people who use their hands repeatedly while working. It includes typing or doing routine work on an assembly line. 

This injury occurs when the motion compresses your wrist’s median nerve. You’ll feel tingling, weakness, numbness, and pain in your fingers. Often, the symptoms worsen over time if left untreated.

Tennis Elbow

You don’t have to play tennis to suffer this injury. Tennis elbow occurs due to muscle overuse in your arms, especially the dominant hand. You’ll feel pain, tenderness, or burning around the elbow area because of irritation and inflammation.  

Rotator Cuff Tear

Tear in your rotator cuffs can cause excruciating pain in your shoulders that can restrict your movement. This injury can occur suddenly because of an acute injury or repeated muscle overuse. 

Back Injuries

Back injuries occur due to prolonged sitting, improper posture, or lack of support to the back. It can also result from an injury due to repetitively lifting heavy objects or from a  slip and fall accident. 


Joint dislocations transpire because of a sudden impact and displace the joint from its original position. Hips, elbows, and ankles are the most susceptible to dislocations. 


Bone fractures usually result in a bad fall from slipping and warehouse accidents, such as a forklift accident. Fractures range from minor to severe and usually affect the legs, arms, or even the head.  

Orthopedic Workplace Injury Los Angeles Lawyer: Filing Workers’ Compensation Claim

An orthopedic workplace injury that occurred because of the employer’s negligence entitles an injured worker for workers’ compensation. There are instances where the worker needs to deal with issues of filing a claim. 

If you have any problems with your workers’ compensation, the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group will be there by your side and help you. Our aggressive orthopedic workplace injury Los Angeles lawyers will protect your rights and ensure that you’ll get the compensation you deserve. We’ll see to it that you get the right compensation for your:

Medical Coverage

It includes your past, current, and future medical expenses for rehabilitation, prescription drugs, hospitalization, and more. Also, doctor’s visits or regular check-ups and therapy are under this coverage if necessary.

Wage Loss Compensation

This compensation will provide you with two-thirds of your monthly salary. It usually works on a biweekly payment procedure. 

Permanent Disability Settlement

It provides a victim who suffered severe injuries with long-term wage benefits. These injuries are those that cause paralysis or amputation, for example. It impedes the worker from returning to work and his routine task.

Vocational Rehabilitation

This compensation allows the injured victim to learn a new skill he can use for a new job. It will help the victim pay for the training he can use when applying for a new occupation. This usually applies to injured workers who no longer can do their previous jobs.  

Death Benefits

In worse-case scenarios, the family of the unfortunate victim will receive death benefits instead. Amount varies based on the extent and factors that caused the worker’s demise.

Workers’ compensation intends to enable injured workers to recover without financial stress. This type of insurance bears a “no-fault” policy that fixates the claim’s attention on the worker’s injury instead of on the accident’s liability. Likewise, the policy prevents the employee from filing a case against his employer just to receive compensation.

Work with Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group for a Successful Case

Our orthopedic workplace injury Los Angeles lawyers have been continuously providing legal assistance to injured workers and their families for more than ten years. We aim to boost and safeguard your physical, emotional, and budgetary welfare.

Many law firms talk a lot about wanting to help victims. The Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group values living out that passion so much every day. 

Call us now at (818) 975-3080, and let’s discuss your case at no obligation. We work on a contingency basis. You can also email us for any inquiries. 

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