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In the United States, Amazon is by far considered the biggest online retailer. However, it also has the biggest number of injured workers. The company boasted of its commitment to provide quality jobs, but the evidence tells otherwise. The rate of Amazon workplace injuries is more than twice the average for the industry. 

Amazon had spent billions on artificial intelligence and robotics. This is to mechanize its warehousing as well as the distribution network. However, computerization is not enough, and human manpower is still needed. Workers are still relied on to pull orders, deliver orders, and keep the distribution network operating. If you become impaired due to work injuries, our worker’s comp attorney can help you to file a claim.

Amazon Tops the “Dirty Dozen” List of Employers

Like other online retail businesses, Amazon assures its customers of fast and free delivery. To fulfill its promise, this e-Commerce company is pressing hard on its workers. As the number of orders and delivery increases, so do Amazon workplace injuries. As a matter of fact, Amazon is number one on the list of “Dirty Dozen” employers. 

According to the National Center for Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH), it puts its workers and communities at risk for two consecutive years. It cited Amazon as one of the most hazardous place to work in the US due to its warehouse conditions. Moreover, Amazon workplace injuries are higher than average and unwanted risks. Besides, the company is unwilling to address the concerns of its workers. 

Speedy Shipping Results in Amazon Workplace Injuries

Workers always bend, twist, run, and lift boxes for 10 to 12 hours every day. They need to do this to get the package to the customer in one or two days. A larger percentage of the employees informed that their working order is psychologically distressing. The unpleasant working environment often results in several Amazon workplace injuries.

In every Amazon fulfillment center, high turnover has the highest priority. Workers here need to be fast and productive. They push their bodies to exhaustion just to prevent automatic termination from not meeting their quotas. This inhumane setup always leads to Amazon workplace injuries.  

Workers at fulfillment centers are always pressured causing many of them to experience mental health crises. Even when Amazon workplace injuries occurred, the management forces them to go back to work after the injury. Most often than not, the employees are not properly compensated for sustained injuries. 

Amazon Workplace Injuries

Most Common Amazon Workplace Injuries

Amazon runs plenty of distribution centers in California and employs thousands of warehouse workers. These employees unpack, inspect, assort, and pack orders at the same time. Likewise, they do a lot of other warehouse tasks. The physical and mental pressure and exhaustion that they experience always account for Amazon workplace injuries. These include:

  • Injuries due to machine entanglement

  • Vehicular accidents

  • Falling objects (boxes, parcels, crates, or other items)

  • Forklift accidents (tipping, speeding, insufficient safety training)

  • Machine malfunctions

  • Overexertion

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Exposure to toxic chemicals

  • Heavy equipment accidents

When to File Worker’s Compensation After Sustaining Amazon Workplace Injuries?

Most employees who sustained injuries working at the Amazon warehouse can file claims. It’s a complicated effort to file a claim for injuries while working for the said company. The company, on the other hand, can hire as many workers via temping agencies. 

Temp agencies for short, are recruiting agencies that find positions for workers seeking for temporary jobs. These workers fill in vacancies for companies such as Amazon to employ them on a temporary basis. 

If the injured person gets employment through a temp agency, he needs to file his claim with the third party. However, there are instances that workers who suffered Amazon workplace injuries get advise not to file a claim. Most of the time, the worker’s compensation insurers decline their claims

Furthermore, there are cases when Amazon decline to consider workers’ compensation claims. This usually happens when the company doctor decides that the worker can return to work. Also, the company may dismiss the claim despite the employee’s own doctor’s evaluation of the injury. 

ODG Law Group

If you become impaired or a loved one died due to Amazon workplace injuries, you need to file a claim. It’s in your best interest to find legal help. We, at the Oktanyan Der-Grigorian Law Group, have the commitment to provide the help you need. Our understanding and expert lawyers would love to work one-on-one with you.

Our prime concern is to guarantee the benefits and compensation you need for recovering from Amazon workplace injuries. We’ll equip you with the information and representation essential to establish informed decisions and resolute actions. We’re here to support and secure your emotional, physical, and financial welfare as well as your family. 


Call us now at (818) 975-3080 or visit our website and we’ll evaluate your case at no charge. You don’t have to pay us upfront because we work on a contingency basis. We prioritize in winning your case for your fast recovery – physically, emotionally, and financially.

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