Most Common Injuries that Factory Workers Endure in the Workplace. Why You Need a Lawyer?

Working in a factory is difficult due to the nature of work and the place itself. Warehouses or factories are some of the many hazardous places to work in because of the environment. If you or a family member sustained injuries while working in a factory, talk to an experienced factory worker injury attorney at ODG Law to protect your rights.

When you’re a factory worker, there is a high risk of accidents that could result in serious injuries. These include:

Factory Worker Injury Attorney: Slip and Fall

Every employer has the responsibility to make sure that the working environment is free from hazards. Floors must be kept clean and dry always to prevent workers from slipping and getting injured. Based on the significance of the fall, a victim may suffer spine injury, head injury, broken bones, or sprain. 

factory worker injury attorney


Fires and explosions are likely to occur in workplaces, especially in factories that manufacture chemicals or flammable materials. When an accident occurs, the victim may sustain minor to serious burns – first to third-degree burns. Burns also involved getting injured from working on hot ovens or stoves. 

Toxic Chemical Exposure

Many industries use chemicals, some of which are harmful. Factory workers are at risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals. Chemical spills can cause burns, skin irritations, and respiratory conditions. Even with safety gear, a worker is still at risk of getting exposed to harmful substances. 


Working in a factory requires accuracy, exertion, and dedication. However, too much of these can exhaust your body. You can get too tired and may develop hand, back, knee, or leg injuries over time without being aware of it. 

As you overexert yourself, you’re putting yourself at risk of acquiring musculoskeletal disorders. It’s also possible that you’ll endure back or neck injuries because of lifting heavy objects such as boxes. 

Additionally, you may suffer from dehydration or develop kidney problems if you won’t take breaks to eat or drink or, use the restroom to pee. You can also suffer from heat exhaustion when working near hot machinery which can cause loss of consciousness.

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)

In a factory, workers are usually required to perform the same tasks over and over again. This practice in the workplace can lead to the development of repetitive stress injuries. Repetitive stress injury occurs in a worker who stays in the same position doing the same job for long periods. 

A worker may also be using a piece of equipment that vibrates or overexerts a particular group of muscles which can cause strain. Proving RSI in court can be difficult, however, a factory worker injury lawyer can help you prove it in court to get compensation. 

Symptoms of RSI include tingling, pain, or numbness. You may also lose strength in the affected area gradually, which makes it hard to do your daily job routine. 

Falling Objects

Another common injury in factories is falling objects. When boxes or pallets are not properly stored or not securely put on top of each other, chances are they will fall on unfortunate workers. 

Factories have a loud-working environment, which is why workers don’t hear their colleagues or any warnings. In cases such as this, workers are caught off guard and have already sustained injuries before they can prevent it.

Machine-related Injuries

Factories generally use huge and hefty industrial machines to perform tasks that can’t be accomplished easily by a human. It includes lifting or moving huge pallets, enormous rolls of paper or fabric, and pieces of furniture. However, when negligence sets in, an accident will surely follow. 

When the forklift driver becomes distracted, there’s a possibility that he could run into other workers or crash into the wall or other objects along his way. He could hurt his fellow workers, including himself. They could suffer from fractures, dislocations, concussion, or loss of limb. 

There are also instances where the machine or equipment is the problem itself. It may have malfunctioned due to a defect. This is also where a skilled factory worker injury attorney from ODG Law plays an important role. She can maximize your compensation because the equipment manufacturer is a third-party liable for your accident and injury.

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