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It’s true that California has better workers compensation laws than many of the states in the country. However, that’s not necessarily a good thing. After all, many states have truly awful workers compensation laws. Someone has to be there to protect workers. Even in California, some companies don’t do enough to help workers. That’s why workers need to avail themselves of the workers compensation laws we do have. In this blog, we’ll go over what our Los Angeles workers comp attorney team can do for you as well as why that’s necessary even in California.

A Los Angeles Workers Comp Attorney

Workers compensation laws, even in California, can be complicated. There are many deadlines, considerations and legal wrangling. Having an attorney on your side can make all the difference in the world. Over the years, we’ve helped so many clients to get the compensation they deserve for everything that they’ve had to go through. When you’re hurt, it may feel like the last thing you want to have to deal with is reaching out to an attorney. That’s why we make it easy to schedule a free consultation with us. Simply send us a message through our site or give us a call.

Workers Comp Law

If you’re hurt at work, you deserve to receive compensation for that, full stop. This is true even if you may have caused your own accident. Should you be even somewhat responsible for how you got hurt, it’s normal to feel like you don’t deserve compensation. After all, you helped cause the injury. But, and this is so important to keep in mind, you still deserve to be compensated. Moreover, you may be entitled to more compensation that you realize. That’s where we can come in. We help you to realize exactly how much compensation you deserve for everything that you’ve been through.

Los Angeles Workers Comp Attorney

Why Workers Comp is Important Even in CA

You’ve probably heard of “Tesla,” Elon Musk’s brand of space age cars. There seems to be an assumption in popular culture that this is a company that focuses on workers, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. As a recent article pointed out, they have a “medical clinic designed to ignore injured workers.” Indeed, as the article goes on to say “when a worker gets smashed by a car part on Tesla’s factory floor, medical staff is forbidden from calling 911 without permission.” As you might imagine, this is profoundly wrong. When you’re hurt on the job, you’re entitled to seek medical help as quickly as possible.

Problems in California Companies

To continue with this article, it mentions how “injured employees have been systematically sent back to the production line to work through their pain with no modifications.” At first, this may sound hard to believe, but it’s backed up by “former clinic employees, Tesla factory workers and medical records.” This is heinous behavior on the part of an employer. From the perspective of the employee, it’s perfectly understandable, if still awful. It’s hard to get a job. We’ve all maybe rushed back to work sooner than we should have. However, you shouldn’t have to do that. That’s what workers compensation laws are for.

This is just one company, Tesla, but it shows why getting a workers compensation lawyer is so necessary. Tesla is a world famous company. There are always reporters and investigators looking into Tesla. This story would get out sooner or later. In addition to these employees, the others who need workers compensation help are the ones working at companies that don’t draw in national press. These are the companies where injured workers are being exploited without the news getting out. That’s where a workers compensation attorney can really help people to get the compensation they deserve.

You can’t be fired simply for filing workers compensation. This is an important thing to keep in mind that’s all too easy to lose track of. Many workers, ever year are too afraid to file for workers compensation, just assuming that they’ll be fired for doing so. That’s illegal. If you do file for workers comp and your company fires you, you should definitely let us know. We’ll be able to get you even more compensation then.

The ODG Law Group is here to help workers. You give your company so much. You go there, day in and day out, rain or shine. When you’re injured on the job, you shouldn’t have to suffer that burden on your own. There are laws in this state that we can help you to avail yourself of so that you don’t have to pay for your recovery. To schedule that initial consultation with us, give us a call at (818) 975-3080 or send us a message through our website.

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